March 11th 2020

Webinar Accelerated Development - Tech9 Survey results

In the market of tailor-made software solutions for business technology, innovation will be focused on increasing the PACE OF DELIVERY. After all, pace influences time to market and indirectly costs.

The industry is delivering new technologies that facilitate this pace of delivery. Cloud services are the biggest accelerators. Developing high quality business technology will become more and more a skill of smart orchestration and integration of services and unique software.

Serverless eliminates the need to provision and manage infrastructure components (e.g., servers, databases, queues, and even containers), allowing teams to focus on code while minimizing their operational overhead.

Please join us for a session where Levi9’s Thought Leader Dragan Gajic will discuss the outcome of the Tech Survey 2020, together with Amer Grgic, CTO of and founder of Livebytes and Sander Kieft, Senior Director Architecture & DevOps of PVH (home of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein).

Please block 26 May & register fast (limited seats available)

Hosted by: Dragan Gajic, Thought Leader Levi9 Amer Grgig, CTO, Founder Livebytes Sander Kieft, Senior Director Architecture & DevOps PVH

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11 March 2020

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