October 26th 2021

FastAPI in a Modern Environment

You’re invited to our #PYTHON meetup, which takes place on October 26 at Dorćol Platz, in compliance with the prescribed COVID measures.

FastAPI in a modern environment
SLS Components @Edge

FastAPI is currently one of the most exciting web frameworks of today. This is because it uses more Python programming functions than any other framework, and some of them are type hints, async, wait, dataclasess and many others. There is a large selection of different frameworks for anyone looking to develop API solutions in Python, and FastAPI is more than a great choice. This meetup will show you some tricks to help you get started.

Serverless components allow us to quickly deployment the entire infrastructure with the help of Serverless framework. Similar to the CI / CD product, it allows real time logs within the console for fast debugging. They also allow you to create your own components as well as share them. Ideally it covers every type of application from prototype to enterprise.

About the speakers

Đjorđe Ristić, Medior Python Developer, Levi9
Đjorđe is a Python developer and levi niners who inspires innovation. Follow best practices for developing secure, scalable, and reliable applications.

Milos Cvetkovic, Javascript Tech Lead, Levi9
Milos is an experienced JavaScript programmer who enjoys new technologies. Serverless enthusiasts.

How to sign-up?

The number of places is limited, and applications are required. Free parking is provided for all participants, in front of the Levi9 company, which is located in the immediate vicinity.

You can find the REGISTRATION link in the event header, or copy it directly → https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/py9meetup

Belgrade, Serbia


18:00 (CEST)


October 26, 2021


Dorćol Platz

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