Agile visibility services

Levi9 provides services that help software development organizations to adopt agile processes in order to realize their full benefit: creating predictable output, achieving early ROI, delivering constant quality, lowering cost, ensuring a better product fit and facilitating innovation.

Agile = evidence-based acting. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Our agile visibility services include:

  • Assessments of the current state of an organization
  • Identification of valuable of metrics
  • Assisting in establishing internal agile advocates
  • Agile training and coaching

Agile implementation: Recognizing the Value

While agile implementation can be challenging, the ultimate reward of this investment is the result of higher customer satisfaction through continuous delivery of value-based, quality software.

Agile organizations aim to build the right software at the right time. Positive outcomes such as improved teamwork, better communication and other non-tangible benefits are difficult to measure. However, outcomes such as a reduction of risk and defects, technical debt, defects and development costs are measurable factors.  It’s important to quantify and utilize these metrics before and during your agile transformation. Review of these metrics will help drive sound decisions and provide better insights to performances of teams.

Agility services are based on 3 important principles:

Continuous improvement is based on data – Performance metrics are used to signal trends

The data is used by the team

The data is surrounded by conversations

Performance metrics


Agile does not mean having no plans. Instead, agile requires a constant replanning. But, at the same time, we want plans to be predictable in nature. So, how do we achieve predictability? We are measuring the velocity of the teams and their capacity in man-days to achieve an important metric, the Focus Factor. We also measure the trend of the Focus Factor over time, to come to a figure that we use as planning input. The next metric that is needed in this equation is the Delivery Rate, an indicator for the commitment accuracy of teams over time.

Scope of Change

Another important metric is the Scope Change. Added and removed work during sprints often is an indicator for poor backlog readiness – or it may be induced by other disturbing factors – such as the Product Owner or the business changing its mind during Sprint execution.

Throughput – the number of days that a story is ‘in progress’, relative to its size, quality metrics, team morale and satisfaction – all these metrics are being captured, analyzed and discussed after each sprint. Results and actions are made transparent for all and followed up.

Within Levi9 we have Agile experts who has expertise in various agile methods and has experience in creating and leading customized agile transformation programs and solutions for various sized organizations. They are considered Agile advocates and experts of Agile Frameworks and adhere to those values and principles.

The power of trust

You might wonder – measuring all of this, does it not create an atmosphere of control, a culture of justification, a tool for management to blame? And indeed, this might happen if you don’t apply it in the right way. Introducing agile visibility in the right way is far from trivial.

But when done right, we can achieve great things:

  • Reducing risk and uncertainty
  • Better decision making
  • Establishing trust
  • Predictable delivery
  • High-performing, engaged teams

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