A Gartner report published in early 2019 estimates that around 90% of legacy applications would continue to service critical business needs for many enterprises, with less than 10% moving ahead to modern platforms. The primary reason is that there are a lot of challenges that legacy modernization projects face. 

Application Modernisation with AWS services

You redesigned, lifted and shifted, tweaked and tuned. You have read the blogs and fiddled with the tools. Your applications work, they are mostly scalable and with some extra effort and cost you can make them highly available, reliable, with good disaster-recovery capabilities. 

But… do you have the same practices you had on-prem? Do your applications still require babysitting? Do people need to monitor dashboards, take care of backing up data, and work to keep applications up and running? If spikes are very high, are you struggling to provide a consistent experience to the user? 

You are not alone. Getting the most out of your cloud choices is hard work, so let’s learn from each other! We would like to invite you to meet your peers. To share the struggles and the solutions we’ve all found. On how to convert old-fashioned working solutions to Lambdas, containers. How to run everything natively. How to select and use the hundreds of services that AWS offers. We’ll discuss how to simplify your codebase, liberate your team from monotonous resource management, and bring their focus back to value creation instead of getting stuck in maintenance.  

Topics and challenges we might discuss are:

  • How to turn cloud philosophy into design and configuration decisions? 
  • How and when to rearchitect existing functionalities 
  • How to migrate or rearchitect big things in small pieces without breaking them 
  • How (not) to mess up when migrating, and … how to fix it if you did 
  • Expert level prioritisation: what can wait, what is urgent and how to decide.  
  • Cloud Finance for techies: pricing, what you get, what will you pay, and how to explain financial impact of cloud decisions to others.  

In this round table you will meet a range of your peers, as well as Levi9 senior architects, Marko Djakovic, Miro Zorboski and Marko Milosevic, to discuss best practices and real-life experiences. 

Levi9 architects have guided the many AWS projects, migrations and modernizations that Levi9 has executed, creating both long and short-term plans for different kinds of situations. They too will share their practical experiences, give a view on the ups and downs of the migration and transformation process, the mistakes they made and what they learned along the way. We would love to invite you to take part in this group conversation! 



10:00 - 13:30 (CEST)


October 21st, 2022


AWS Offices
Mr. Treublaan 7, 1097DP Amsterdam