Fixing your Cloud Setup to Avoid Most Common Mistakes

The AWS Architecture Round Table

Cloud offers great acceleration, ease of use and transparency on cost and functionality. When used well, it’s scalable, secure and highly efficient. Still, it’s easy to make small mistakes that you might regret later. In this round table we’ll share all we know. We expect you to share some of your insights, and we will share ours. Collectively, we’ll come to a top five best practices for cloud configurations that you can apply yourself. This should be a fun, interactive and informative session, where you will meet and speak others in the same situation. Not boring presentations, but to the point and well moderated content from hands-on experts only.

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Topics and challenges we might discuss are:

  • How can the team take a fresh look at the things we made and love?
  • How can we be confident enough about the security of our configuration?
  • Should you continue building or pause and reflect on technical debt?
  • How can I make sure high priority tech issues actually get on into the next sprint?
  • How can I address the nagging feeling we should take time to fix things?
  • What are hilarious misconfigurations we’ve seen, and what happened next?
  • .. and many more topics that you feel are relevant when it comes to configuring cloud.

In this round table, you will meet a range of your peers, as well as Levi9 Solution Architects Lazar Veljovic and Nikola Djordjevic, to discuss common mistakes and how to avoid them.

In this discussion, Lazar and Nikola will also share some observations from doing a large number of Amazon Web Services Well Architected Reviews. In these reviews, you can learn how well your architecture aligns with cloud best practices and gain guidance for making improvements, by answering a few foundational questions about your configuration and usage of AWS.



11:00 - 14:00 (CEST)


May 31st, 2022


AWS Offices
Mr. Treublaan 7, 1097DP Amsterdam