For an energy provider, Levi9 had completed about 30% of an ‘epic’ across multiple sprints, projects, and teams. Then suddenly, the entire team on the customer’s side decided to quit their job. “This meant we would now be working with team members who had no knowledge holder for crucial parts of the system.”

“The Levi9 team was courageous enough not to abandon the customer’s ship with no captains.” A new Product Owner and new Project Manager were appointed, but neither of them had any experience nor knowledge of the domain. However, the epic had to stay on course. 

By organizing discussions, asking questions, making certain decisions, the team took ownership over the product and its quality.

“We coached both the PO and PM on how and what needed to be done. From big design decisions to small improvements, everything was powered by our own initiative.”

The result was a thoroughly tested product with high quality functionality and delivery was on time. “Our levi niners took control of the virtual ship and finished in an ‘epic’ way for the customer.”