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Arch9 2017

Cloud First

On 6 April, Levi9 will be hosting its third Arch9 event. During Arch9, Levi Nine’s best Software Architects gather from our 7 offices to share knowledge.

After the success of last year’s architectural event, which focused on MicroServices, this year’s event will be focusing on the Cloud.

Our leading architects complemented with exciting key note speakers will lead the way through pioneering technical sessions. Inspired by the evolving role of the cloud, we will explore how Cloud First Strategy, along with emerging technologies such as hybrid clouds, highly managed cloud services, and serverless and cognitive computing, collectively help us in developing for the future.

We will have 5 impressive speakers this year:

Garry Turkington
CTO @ Improve Digital
How We Learned To Stop Hugging Servers And Love The Cloud

Cloud? That’s scary, you run your business on machines where the most you know is which country they are in. For higher-level services you know nothing about the infrastructure they sit on. Adoption of cloud technologies means giving up massive amounts of control. The benefits need to be pretty great to justify it – this talk will describe why this is an easy trade for us.

Bjorn Holmthorsson
Chief Technology Officer @ Five Degrees
Cloud and SaaS for banks

How banks are adopting to Cloud and SaaS. Often there is a large gap between what Banking professionals consider a Cloud/SaaS based offering, how can we help bridge this gap?

Serge van Steensel
Director of Technology Digital Development @ Sanoma
Hosting war stories of a large publisher.

As Sanoma is the largest publisher in The Netherlands we are always challenged by the vast and also fragmented portfolio that we have to manage from a Tech perspective. I would like to reflect on the journey that we have been in and “waves” we had on the way, migrating from a self-owned and self-managed infrastructure to the automated and DevOps ‘managed’ infrastructure in public cloud.
We are now entering a new wave where we need to optimize and maybe even start to build ‘cloud native’ applications in the near future…. we are still learning.

Toine Hurkmans
Principal Software Architect @ Exact
Exact in a cloud(s), from forklifting to native services.

Sharing a story and experiences of migration Exact software to Cloud and its transformation to SaaS model. We will also put some light on choices regarding selection of cloud vendor(s) and choices where and when to use native cloud solutions versus boxing pre-cloud solution.

Predrag Djojic
Principal Software Architect @ Levi Nine IT Services
Cloud First Approach – Vendor Locking: Dilemma, Trilemma or No Issue

As any new paradigm, cloud computing brings many benefits but also raises some reasonable questions and doubts. Here we would like to dive into the “vendor locking” topic as one of top 3 questions (next to Data Security/Privacy and Price/TCO) that everyone needs to ask himself before shifting his business to the cloud.

Just as last year, this is a technical event aimed at Senior Technical management, Architects and Senior Technical leaders and will consist of a number of presentations from both Levi Nine’s customers as well as Levi Nine’s Architects.

The impressive positive feedback we received in previous years about this content rich event has convinced us to make this an annual event. The event is on invitation only.


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