1. Levi9: a proud AWS partner

Back in 2016, a few enthusiastic people from Levi9 decided to start our journey towards AWS partnership. With no certified people at that moment and practically just a bit of experience with AWS it was an unexpected journey. Moving forward to 2022, more than 120 certified people2 AWS competences, 1 partnership program and soon to become Premier Tier partners. We almost succeeded in all, however our ambition is to achieve even more.

2. AWS re:Invent — keynote speeches recap

3. Learning from AWS partners @AWS re:Invent

AWS gives a lot of attention to their partners and during the conference we could hear many great stories and achievements from many companies. Even more, there was a keynote dedicated to partners where many partners had a chance to present their solutions. Most impressive was financial company from Brazil with 10 million accesses per day, 2500 microservices, 1 million API calls per minute which concentrates 10% of all payments in Brazil. They managed to scale from 100.000 customers to more than 20 million customers in just five years! Their example taught us that re-engineering of complete platform and moving it to the “elastic” cloud environment gives a great opportunity for large scaleups. AWS Certified people were also recognized during the whole conference. We’ve managed to meet many inspiring people, some of them having all 12 AWS certificates, which is definitely a great success.

4. AWS re:Invent takeaway — Levi9 is on the right track

By meeting some of the great attendees as well as AWS employees, we’ve realized that we as Levi9 are doing great things and moving in the right direction. It was an amazing experience to compare us to some of the biggest AWS customers and partners. Even though we aren’t the biggest partners compared to all the giants that were there, nor the biggest customer of AWS, our strategy and our goals are leading us into a bright future. So, who knows, with enthusiastic Levi9 people and great energy, we might become one of those giants in the future. 😊

After all, re:Invent is a great place to be. With all the sessions that you can learn from, opportunities to meet experts from all over the world, it is also a nice place to have a bit of fun as well.