On World Bicycle Day, we empower kids’ rides! And we have chosen the bicycle as the main means of transport and upgraded the infrastructure of two of the largest high schools in Iasi.

In partnership with the organization Iași Orașul Bicicletelor, Levi9 installs modular bicycle stations at the “Costache Negruzzi” National College and the “Gr. C. Moisil” High School of Informatics, the first two high schools to have entered this modernization program. Starting June 3rd, the students of the two high schools will be able to use the stations that will protect their bicycles during classes.

We like to pedal and move freely! Both my colleagues and I, as well as the parents’ and teachers’ associations of both high schools who have supported us in finding a sustainable solution for the active transportation of their students. Thus, together with our community partner, Iași Orașul Bicicletelor, we developed a project that would exactly meet the urban mobility needs of the high schools involved in the project, ” said Anca Gafițeanu, Delivery Center Director of Levi9 IT Services Iași.

The whole Levi9 community embraced the commitment to sustainability, from global to local and individual levels. Our “One common goal” value is reflected not only in the work environment. Every one of us finds a way to follow the green initiatives according to our personal needs and passions.

In recent years, Levi9 Iași has supported several urban mobility projects necessary for our community. In the next period, other school institutions from Iași will be included in the modernization program.

We support cycling because it helps young people move freely and independently, challenging them to discover Iași. In the meantime, it allows them to observe the beauty and the architecture of the city they live in while choosing the shortest way home or to school,” said Costi Andriescu from Iași Orașul Bicicletelor.

The civic initiative belongs to the Iași Orașul Bicicletelor community, and the implementation was possible due to the investment made by Levi9 IT Services. Every year, the company is involved in transforming students’ social habits so that more and more bicycles are properly parked in the high schools of Iași. We also thank the representatives of two Parents-Teachers Associations of the “Grigore C. Moisil” Theoretical High School of Informatics and “Costache Negruzzi” National College Iași, with whose support the Green Zone for bicycles came to life.

Although our color is blue, we go green. Of course, one step at a time. Hopefully, by putting all the steps together, we will discover how far we’ve got down the sustainability road.