Accelerate your development

Serverless computing

How to accelerate your development?

By using cloud native technologies, you can accelerate speed of software development.

The industry is delivering new technologies that facilitate the pace of delivery. Cloud services are the biggest accelerators.

The clear advantages of serverless computing are: 

  • Lower cost
  • Simplified
  • Scalability
  • Simplification
  • Speed of delivery

The biggest accelerators

Cloud providers started offering capacity/infrastructure as a service (IaaS), then moved to offering more complex services such as platform and software as a service (PaaS/SaaS).  Based on our Tech9 yearly survey we can evidently see that on-premise setups are dropping in favor of all 3 major cloud providers.

The next evolution of cloud services is Serverless computing where backend services are provided and charged based on as-used basis (FAAS, functions as a service).

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The next layer of abstraction in software development.

The future of serverless continues to offer developers a path to delivering business value in use cases we couldn’t even imagine two years ago.

Strongly reduced OPS costs with serverless

Cost of running serverless vs running a Virtual Machine

Radically decreased development time

Serverless allows businesses to deliver customer value above and beyond the capability of the competition.

Case study

Accelerate development for incision

We developed a brand new platform that is scalable, delivers content with low latency to users in developing countries, and is build in the AWS cloud.

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Convert data into value

Data services

How to convert data into value?

Big data is all about predictions, and these predictions are based on correlations between massive amounts of data. Big data changes how businesses are functioning and how they create value.

Capturing, storing, processing and finding assists in large amounts of data are key capabilities for business that want to create value. Businesses are becoming driven by data and the insights.

Merging big data with cloud computing is a powerful combination that can transform your business.

Companies that harness Big Data’s full power could increase their operation margins by 60%.

of companies are adopting Big Data Analytics

of companies keep their sensitive data in the Cloud

annual growth rate for Hadoop, the largest open source for distributed computing

We act as partner for our customers

We act as partners for our customers on the journey to their objectives; whether those are related to the transition of data solutions toward the cloud, integration of their applications, implementations of new strategies towards data driven decisions, obtaining business predictability with the use of data science, handling Big Data environments, or developing complete reporting solutions.


What we did for Talpa

For Talpa Network, we deliver custom software solutions for the TV, Radio, Publishing and Shared services domains. For all these domains the main focus is on user experience and scalable solutions at the same time.

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Stay competitive as a software vendor

Business Technology

How to stay competitive as a software vendor?

Stand out of the crowd.

Focus on being effective to drive sustainable business growth. As Levi9, we focus on being effective, so our customers can keep their competitive edge. Being effective means doing the right things, challenging what and how to develop your software features.

People, Process & Technology are the main elements to drive digital transformation

It all starts with assessing the current state: what the goals are and what needs to be done to achieve that goal. People, Process, & Technology are the main elements to drive the digital transformation or to keep up with the fast changing demand from customers and the business enviroment.

To be able to do so, you need partners in your ecosystem that focus on business technology, with a constant focus on efficiency and effectiveness. True professionals with a growth mindset.

At Levi9, we support our customers with Software Development & Engineering capabilities. This is not limited to  development alone. Efficiency and effectiveness is becoming more and more important and, as people are the true drivers of success, we focus on organisational process and way of working methodologies.

The combination of our excellent knowledge in business technology and broad, long-standing experience in the agile way of working make the people at Levi9 valuable assets in driving value for your business.

Getting market- and customers insights, understanding customer’s strategy, technologies needed, and making use of available technology stacks with an existing IT architecture are the keys for success.

On average Companies rate their satisfaction with their innovation only a 6.5

Companies are bad at setting priorities, also for innovation. These companies score low on digital innovation

Companies that organized innovation well, score significantly better on digital innovation than those who are ad-hoc


What we do for Backbase

Scaling up with teams working on R&D and banking portal implementations.

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Levi9 marketing

Maximize your productivity

Agile visibility

How to maximize your development productivity?

By using agile methodologies, companies are able to deliver fast and reliably and with more value for money.

Within Levi9 we are predictable and improve continuously.

Continuous improvement is a core belief of every levi niner.

We constantly look at how we can improve to become more productive. Customer alignment is key. Measuring continuously customer’s objectives, the contributed value, and the related reporting on a daily basis enables customers to become reliable to their market and stay ahead of their competitors.

Increased Product Owner and Team satisfaction

Double the business value delivered over a 2-year period

Commitment reliability over the last 100 sprints

To help our customers in their agile journey, Levi9 can help you with various types of services:

Collaborative requirements creation

Turn business idea into a fully operational software product.

User story mapping

Refining requirements and planning of work.

Agile training and consultancy

Be predictable and keep improving. Continuously.


What we did for Essent

Agile visibility and Continuous Improvement to come to high-performing development teams.

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Gain agility & make change easier

Smart Orchestration

Shorten time
to market

When time is critical and you need to differentiate in a highly competitive market. Combining tailor-made solutions with standard components.

Orchestrate technology components to accelerate

The usage of technology is strongly related to developments in society, in businesses and the technology itself.

Major global trends like climate change and demographic changes require rapid anticipation but also inspire many governments, businesses and individuals to act. Technology is both an accelerator as an enabler for change. Cloud, AI and increasing connectivity creates possibilities that weren’t there before. Technology is not longer a domain of specialized techies hidden in dark rooms. It’s becoming the enabler of dreams and everybody claims access to the infinite possibilities it can bring.

The developing technology, the increased collaboration between IT professionals and business/governmental influencers and the increased insights that data brings can result in faster and more effective output. The real challenge of our time is how to orchestrate our solutions in the best possible way. Using the benefits of cloud (services), business services, open source, data solutions and collaboration models in the most effective way.

Companies that apply agile visibility practices with us achieve 20% better productivity, 25% better PO satisfaction.


Creating what matters most as fast as possible by combining the power of three important elements:

Data Service

The usage of data in every phase of development - allowing customers to anticipate on change and validate their solutions.

Product Discovery

Benefit from the expertise of multiple disciplines, covering market, business and IT, by requirement management and collaboration techniques.

Technology orchestration

Integrating the best available solutions the market has to offer in combination with tailor made components to optimize investments and maximize value.





What we did for Talpa

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

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Shorten your time to market


How to shorten your time to market?

By combining the benefits of cloud services, business services, open source, data solutions and collaboration models in the most effective way.

Technology is both an accelerator as an enabler for shorten time to market. Technology is no longer a domain of specialized techies hidden in dark rooms. It’s becoming the enabler of dreams and everybody claims access to the infinite possibilities it can bring.

The real challenge in our time

The real challenge of our time is to orchestrate technology components to accelerate. Integrating the best available solutions, the market has to offer in combination with tailor made components to optimize investments and maximize value.

Most Levi9 customers run their workloads on AWS, GCP or Azure

Over a quarter of Levi Niners contribute to Open Source projects

Of our Data Solutions are using Cloud Services


Scaling up the Everon charging platform

Scaling up with 30 developers in just 2 months and working with a platform that uses innovative technology orchestration. Everon has opened up their first public APIs. Levi9’s work here was to set it up, configure it to expose public APIs of the various Everon services and configure a developer portal for exposing API documentation for both the external customers and Everon developers.

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