Ramona was part of the first development team between Levi9 Romania and a Dutch client. Communication was hard in the beginning.


“They preferred to speak in their own language, and I felt excluded from some parts of our team meetings.” Ramona recalled that while in the Netherlands, interactions seemed quite formal. 


“We went to the office, worked, to lunch, worked. Then in the evenings, we went to our hotel, and they went home.”

Things changed when the client visited Levi9 in Romania. “We took them to dinner, organized events in the evening, we went for walks in the city, we took them outside the office. We wanted them to feel welcome, feel good when they visited us, and get to know us better.”

On the next trip to the Netherlands, Ramona was happy that her Dutch teammates took personal time in the evenings for team dinners and engaged in chatter that was not necessarily work related. They all got to know each other better, communicated better and the collaboration became stronger. 


“Now, nearly 7 years later on this project, I don’t feel like I am working for a client. I feel like we are colleagues. Our morning meetings start with chit chat and we both try to maintain our team bond.”


To battle the winter blues, they organized an online escape room game as a virtual team activity on Blue Monday. Together they had to figure how to get a real person in Lithuania out of the escape room.

The team spirit was intense, focused and we managed to ‘escape’ in 52 minutes by working together.”