DevOps Services

Would you like to deliver faster and have more business agility?

By delivering the right technology (Lightweight Architecture, Cloud, Security and Automation) and Agile process we enable faster deployment possibilities, lead times for change implementation and faster times to restore.

The DevOps practices are complementing Lean and Agile Software Development practices and can be classified into three areas:

Fast Flow

Smooth and fast flow of work from Product Design and Development to Operations and ultimately to the customer

Fast Feedback

Enabling fast feedback from Operations to Development, to facilitate quick detection, recovery and, in the end, to prevent problems from happening again

High Trust

Creating a high-trust culture of Continuous Improvement that allows initiative and experimentation and embeds a culture of organizational learning

Years of experience in various industries

Fintech and finance

Technology and innovation for challengers in the finance world


Growing revenues for electronic retail

Digital media and advertising

Programmatic web and data solutions for advertisers

Traffic and Transport

Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Mobility as a Service and Public Transport Solutions

Independent Software Vendors

Scale-up solutions for software companies

Digital platforms

Technology solutions for Digital Platforms


IoT, Blockchain and Integration solutions

Industrial automation

Robust technology for industry-grade applications

High performing IT organizations that are applying DevOps practices are outperforming their less performing competition by

  • Deploying code thirty times more frequent with sixty times higher success rate
  • Having two hundred times faster lead time for implementation of changes
  • 168 times faster mean time to restore the service

These companies have higher growth rates, but also higher employee satisfaction and lower rates of employee burnout. They manage to consistently provide stable, reliable and secure service to their customers. A DevOps approach enables organizations to create a stable way of working, where small poly-skilled teams can efficiently and independently develop, test and deploy code and add value to customers, quickly, safely, securely, and reliably. The DevOps approach allows organizations to maximize productivity, enable organizational learning, create high-trust, high employee satisfaction collaborative culture that helps them win in the competitive market.

Our DevOps principles that we use to ensure continuous improvement in getting business ideas to production are:

  • Reduce batch sizes
  • Limit work in progress
  • Continuously identify and remove constraints and eliminate waste

Levi9 implement Continuous Delivery in 5 areas:

  • Version Control practices
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test Automation
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Automated Deployment