Marta will never forget her first day as a Levi9 Front-end Developer Trainee in Lviv, Ukraine. She was looking forward to developing her skills through the trainee program so February 20, 2020 held a lot of promise and excitement for her.

“You get to try many different tasks and take workshops. You have a mentor, and they give you everything to improve your technical skills and also to help you to understand the Levi9 culture.”

Then, she got a big surprise.

“You really should have seen the panic in my eyes.”

Marta found out that she was going to start working on a commercial project with Levi9 right away. That’s not something that is typical to the trainee program, but she had skills that were a good fit for the project. After taking some deep breaths, Marta realized the opportunity was something that she actually wanted. She dove headfirst into the project and immersed herself in learning.

“I was asking questions about everything during this time. There were so many new tools and ways of working to try to understand. But soon I could tell that I was making real progress.”


In less than three months, Marta was promoted to a Junior developer at Levi9.


“Actually, not much changed after that. I was still very busy with reading and observing. I try to soak up everything I can around me because I’ve found that the more you learn, the more you realize that you still need to know.”


Marta went even deeper by participating in different meetings and workshops. She joined the Levi9 Academy and discovered that there is more to success than having strong technical skills.


“I saw that you need to also grow your personal and teamwork skills, so I started to observe how my teammates work and communicate with each other and customers. They’re all great professionals who are confident, open, and transparent.”


Her dedication to developing herself both technically and as a Levi9 teammate hasn’t gone unnoticed. After less than a year of being a Junior, Marta became a Medior Developer. She says her professional development has also brought her the confidence to shift focus from her own work to helping others. Now, she knows more about the full scope of the projects so she can lend a hand if someone is sick or on holiday. Marta looks forward to the day when she can share all that she’s learned in her short time as a levi niner.


“I think that the culture of mentoring in Levi9 is great and I can be helpful to someone as a mentor. But, most importantly, I never want to stop learning.”