The Program

February 9th | 13:30 - 17:00h

The Speakers

In this high-intensity, content-rich event, you’ll be engaging with different viewpoints that equip you to make better decisions going forward. Spending this afternoon will give you a new perspective, new connections and directly applicable ‘to-do’s.

Do more With Less

Bogdan Grozoiu, Microsoft

A Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect will show you how to navigate through changing markets and accelerate growth. Save on migration costs, optimise running costs and re-invest in innovation. 

Being in Control

Frank Min, five°degrees
Borislav Stojsic, Levi9

Why do you need in-depth insight into what is happening on your platform and how to set up effective monitoring. Maximise the availability and performance of applications by understanding how they are performing and proactively identify issues affecting them. 

Power of Cloud Services

Borislav Stojsic & Srdjan Calakic, Levi9

Supercharge you software development by using cloud services. You can overcome the limitations of on-premises solutions and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. 


Eric Nieuwenhuijsen, BackBase
Vladyslav Pyshenko, Levi9

Why BackBase has decided to move development and SaaS solutions to Azure and GitHub


Neil Luff, Accruent
Radošević Marko, Levi9

Moving towards the Cloud from an On-Prem Windows Desktop application required us to fully invest in Cloud Technology and continually improve by using the Cloud tools available. In this presentation, we will highlight the key areas where we have improved our processes and hosting infrastructure as we continue along our Cloud journey. 

From IaaS VMs to Azure Kubernetes Service and gaining the benefits of containerisation to Cost savings with SQL Elastic pools and increased security management via Azure Privileged Identity Management, we will discuss these key areas where we have improved our practices and processes.” 

When secure rollouts are not secure enough

Bogdan Grozoiu, Microsoft

Learn about the most secure way to roll out Azure infrastructure using either GitHub Actions or DevOps Pipelines.


Erik van Ommeren, Levi9

A short, moderated discussion with the audience, including some of their lessons learned, their conclusions and their stories. Be ready to share something of your own!

Drinks & Networking

Talk to peers or consult with an architect from Microsoft and/or Levi9 whilst enjoying some bites and a drink.

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