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Improvement of Traffic and transportation using V2X communication

With the number of vehicles on the road growing, traffic management and safety are becoming more and more complex. This paper will explain in more detail problems the modern traffic and transportation industries face, and will focus on how hardware and software in connected vehicles can help reduce or completely resolve those problems.


The 20-year-old public transport management and passenger information system of SWARCO Mizar needed to be made future proof. SWARCO and Levi9 have partnered up for the development of this next generation platform.

SWARCO Mobile Development

SWARCO required a native mobile application for the Android platform – Traffic Light Assistant (TLA). The app presents traffic information provided by SWARCO’s urban traffic system, Omnia, to for drivers and other road users.

Conduent - Fare collection for public transport

Conduent is the world’s largest business process services company. As part of its service portfolio, Conduent provides transportation, tolling and parking services to governments around the world, as well as a leading supplier of complex network solutions for managing public transport systems’ fare collection.

A seamless customer journey

Digital transformation is all around us. In some cases hidden in the background, in others, there for all to see. Either way, it can result in the disruption of entire industries. Just ask taxi companies about Uber, hotels about Airbnb or any type of merchant about Amazon.

Customer story Sanoma NU.nl lokaal adverteren

Empowered by Levi9, Sanoma has successfully introduced a new concept into the Dutch market: an ad purchasing tool for local advertising.

Customer Story Probo

Empowered by Levi Nine, Probo has successfully introduced a new file uploading tool for Probo customers, significantly simplifying and speeding up the uploading process.

Customer Story Eyefreight

Eyefreight is a leading provider of Level 5 SaaS Transportation Management System (TMS), helping its clients drive real business value through global logistics operations. Levi9 has been able to support Eyefreight in being successful in their line of business providing skilled cross-functional teams, improve the agile way of working and providing flexibility in scaling the teams.

Whitepaper Mobile Testing

Levi9 offers application test services specifically for mobile devices, which address the specific demands of mobile apps on these mainstream platforms. Levi9 can offer the test services as an integral part of the development of a mobile app or as separate service for testing apps that have been developed by either our customers or 3rd parties.

Whitepaper App development

With over 35 people working in various development, testing and system management teams within TomTom, Levi9 has become an important and trusted technology partner. With mobile phones taking over navigation tasks from pure navigation devices, the market for navigation devices is in constant decline. Levi9 mobile apps factory – an incubator for mobile apps.

Whitepaper Test Automation

For many organisations in highly competitive markets, the success of the business depends on the quality and speed of implementing IT systems – time to market. Adopting more efficient automated testing can help to make better, faster decisions and manage risk more effectively. Test Automation is also one of the essential enablers for Continuous Delivery.

Whitepaper Enabling the DMP

With this whitepaper we aim to share Levi nine’s knowledge and expertise with building efficient Data Management Platforms. We will tell you not only about some of the most effective techniques used for gaining data insights, but also about the testing of DMP’s in order to ensure optimal results.

Whitepaper Mobile Ad SDK

Mobile grows most rapidly out of all digital ad display channels. Ads are integrated into mobile apps, served across various operating systems and displayed in a wide range of rich-media formats. For this purpose, mobile apps must be developed with integration possibilities already built in, for which developers need a set of development tools or Mobile Ad Software Development Kit.

Whitepaper Microservices

In this whitepaper we discuss the benefts and challenges of using a microservices architecture, while elaborating on the use case we believe to be the most suitable. On the other hand, also when applying this method in the right situation, the industry’s best practices must be
applied to ensure a successful implementation.

Whitepaper Responsive Design vs Native App

Responsive Web Design is the methodology that recommends the design and implementation of a website that responds to user behavior and environment based on the screen size, orientation and operating system of their device.

Whitepaper Continuous Delivery

Methods such as Test Automation, Infrastructure Automation, Automated Deployment and Continuous Monitoring have developed significantly over the last few years. The complete set of these practices, fully integrated, we call Continuous Delivery.

Customer story Sanoma SchoolBANK

Empowered by Levi9, Sanoma has successfully migrated the well-known SchoolBANK site to a new, state of the art Social Network platform.