The Program

12.30-18.00h November 22nd 2023

Architects, CIO's, CTO's, Other Experts

Keynote by Tim Huckaby

Industry luminary focused on AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, Data Visualization, & Edge computing.

The Power & Complications of AI

We are currently caught in Artificial Intelligence (AI) hysteria.  We are being bombarded in the news and on social media about the negative consequences of AI.

This keynote focuses on the nearly boundless landscape of artificial intelligence. In many ways, AI is just as much a new frontier for ethics and risk assessment as it is for emerging technology.  We’ll also discuss how this software revolution happened, what it will look like in the future and how it will change the process of building software.

Join Tim Huckaby in the discussion; a demo heavy keynote which will elaborate the power, the risk, the ethical dilemmas we are currently facing in AI and that we will face for many years to come.

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Pioneering a traceability and sustainability platform at PVH Corp

Menno de Jong, Director - Supply Chain Development at PVH Corp
Petar Damjanovic, Software Architect at Levi9

As the topics of traceability and sustainability of supply chain are getting more spotlight in enterprises due to coming regulations, we’ll present how did PVH Corp plan and implement a platform which offers short-term solutions for satisfying these upcoming legislations and a foundation for future valuable features.

What comes after Relational Databases? Endless Flexibility!

Marijke Dekker, Solutions Architect at Incision
Miro Zorboski, Software Architect & Delivery Director at Levi9

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT, businesses face a constant challenge: how to flexibly adapt to diverse data needs. Join us as we delve into a solution that harnesses the potential of NoSQL document and graph databases, leveraging AWS’s native managed services and is inspired by the case of our customer “Incision”. Say goodbye to rigid data structures and say hello to agility!

Discover a dynamic API that empowers you to define data structures on the fly, tailored to each tenant’s unique requirements. Imagine a world where your software platform effortlessly adapts to the changing needs of your business, all in real-time. Say farewell to the constraints of traditional relational databases and embrace the boundless possibilities of the cloud. Your business’s future is defined by its flexibility.

Join us at this conference talk to witness the fusion of cutting-edge technology, AWS cloud expertise, and innovative thinking. It’s time to liberate your data and set it free.

State of (Applied) AI – Skip past the hype and jump to real-life cases

Dario Djurica, Software Architect at Levi9

Check out how Artificial Intelligence is applied to real business cases, what the lessons learned are and … what is fun! Dario and friends will show demos of recently completed work, explain what they did, what worked, and what didn’t. Skip past the hype and go direct to application.

Revolutionize your Business and Tech with AWS Step Functions

Sebastian Gavril, Software Architect at Levi9

Discover how AWS Step Functions revolutionises business processes, enabling innovation, collaboration and cost savings. Explore how this orchestration service paves the way for efficient workflows, bridging the gap between technology and business success.

Run your containers efficiently in the cloud with Azure Container Apps and Azure Kubernetes Services

Bogdan-Gabriel Grozoiu, Azure Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Bogdan works as a Cloud Solution Architect with Microsoft Netherlands and he is part of the Global Partner Solutions organization, dealing with complex Azure needs. In his role, he is helping Microsoft partners build and deliver solutions on Azure. He calls himself an industry and technology visionary with a passion for designing complex cloud solutions.

Panel Discussion: Dealing with Data

Jelmer Voogel, Head of Digital Selling Technology at PVH
Henk Jan Boot, Head of Business Intelligence at WPP
Petar Damjanovic, Data Architect at Levi9
Daniel Capitanu, Data Architect at Levi9
Moderator: Kosta Stojakovic

What is a good data strategy? What is the easiest way to think about data? What is new? We’ve been talking about data and data strategies for a number of years now. New tools emerge daily, but data still seems an untameable beast in most organisations. What about privacy, security, cost, quality etc? Concepts are easy but reality is hard. Let’s discuss!

Where Low-code meets Pro-Code

Iona Varga, Power Platform Evengalist

Low code and pro code seem to get into a fight whenever they are brought together.  But is it fair to assume that a project done in a pro code environment is always better? The turning point between them considers factors like complexity, resources, and licenses. This session will delve into optimal low code use-cases and also explore situations favoring a pro code approach. Will this be a session for team pro-code? No, damage will be dealt towards pro-code to show the benefits of having low-code in your battlepack! Low-code vs Pro-code decided once and for all? Find out during this informative session between the titans!

Panel Discussion: Software Development on AI Steroids

Chris van Aart, AI Specialist at 2coolmonkeys
Harm Weites, Engineering Lead at Tinka
Sander Martijn Kerkdijk, Managing Director at Smartworkz
Vedran Bukarica, Software Architect at Levi9
Moderator: Mirjana Trobok

Has ChatGPT taken the place of Github? Is CodePilot actually helping you be more productive? Are you an architect, development manager or coder worried about the explosion of AI? In this panel we’ll hear different perspectives on AI assisted coding. What will it mean for your future in this industry? Join the discussion!

Team Topologies – designing and executing the perfect agile teams structure 

Ionut Manastireanu, Delivery Manager at Levi9

The book ‘Team Topologies’ has created quite a buzz. It defined the ideal team setup for organisations using Agile, with value stream aligned teams, enabling teams, complicated subsystem teams and platform teams. In this session you’ll hear a bit of theory and a bit of practice: what does this look like in the real world. With a case study taken from Scania project. 

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