Front-end Training Program

At Levi9, we value personal, involved relationships with our customers and colleagues in which we understand their business and challenges completely.

To achieve happy people and happy customers, we believe it’s important to share experiences. By sharing personal stories from our colleagues, customers, and inviting a customer experience expert, we aim to give you insight into the way you can contribute and make a difference.

Therefore, we organized a Customer Intimacy event! See below replays from all the sessions.


The Secret to a Legendary Customer Experience

How can you contribute to a great customer experience? Sydney Brouwer, speaker and author on customer focus and customer experience, inspired in this interactive presentation.

Replay the Monday session

Customer Intimacy in Action at Levi9

Levi niners shared their stories about how they make a difference in relation to our customers and colleagues. These sessions were facilitated by our local CI ambassadors. Feel free to pick the session which appeals most to you!

Replay the Ukraine sessionReplay the Romania sessionReplay the NS/ZR sessionReplay the Belgrade session

Panel Discussion with Three Levi9 Customers

What do Intimacy, Innovation, and Impact mean for our customers? We hosted a panel discussion with three of our customers: Serge van Steensel from Talpa Network, Jaco Brussé from Visualfabriq and Tim Geenen from Liveramp NL. This session was led by our very own Erik van Ommeren, Thought Leader at Levi9.

Replay the Friday Panel Discussion

Meet the C.I. Ambassadors

Iustinian Dominte

Milutin Pavicevic

Mykhailo Hryhorash

Nina Stanic

Debby Jansen

Razvan Mereuta


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