Cybersecurity is not a sexy subject. It’s a lot of risk assessment, a thousand rules about what you can and can’t do – not exactly the first thing you want to tackle when you are building a business.

That said, it is important today more than ever to protect your assets and make sure your defence is up – this is why we made it simple. We have three groups of experts : A risk and compliance team; a blue team that builds up walls around your systems to protect your data; a red team that tries to penetrate your defences and makes sure your protections are impervious to attack. They are Levi9’s specialists when it comes to cyber self-defence and they have you covered when it comes to ensuring your system’s safety – but we don’t stop there.

Since cybersecurity is everybody’s concern, we found a way to teach our developers about the best ways to protect themselves and our customers from security attacks. Because an attack on our customers is an attack on us, and we don’t take that kindly.

We came up with games, contests and workshops to get our team acquainted with the cybersecurity rulebook. Secure9 takes place during the whole month of October, where our team will be welcomed to security attack simulations, social experiments, trivia nights and crash courses with our security specialists. We let them try their hand at hacking themselves, just so they realize how easy it can be. We even try to send them phishing e-mails to make sure they stay on their toes!

Everybody from the team got really excited about the Secure9 event and is much more sensitized to the importance of cybersecurity, now that they’ve experienced attacks firsthand. Now they have tools to protect themselves at home, but also a keen eye to assess risks and analyze if our customer’s system is ready to put up a fight. Much more interesting than reading through a thick rulebook.

What that means is that we’ll always be striving to promote the best practices when it come to security and always go the extra mile to ensure your company if safe. From customized training for your team to developing unique system architecture with the most optimized defences for your needs.

Seeing the immense success Secure9 had with our team, we are planning to extend the invitation to our customers next year. You too can learn a trick or two!

Tatyana van Witzenburg Security Officer