Get our tips for getting the most out of your cloud strategy

Do you have a good grip on the benefits and challenges of locking into one cloud service provider versus shifting between cloud platforms?

It’s a tough decision and one that’s worth getting right from the very beginning. That’s why our Levi9 cloud experts have put together a guide to walk you through the pros and cons of being cloud loyal and cloud agnostic. Plus, we’ve laid out your first steps for building an optimized cloud strategy. 

Here’s what you’ll find in this cloud guide:

• Guidance for navigating today’s cloud solutions
• Insights into the advantages and disadvantages of being cloud loyal or cloud agnostic
• Clear and concise definitions for the options that you’ll come across as you explore the latest developments in cloud technology
• Top three considerations for strategic cloud decision-making
• Why most enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud strategy
• Levi9 expert advice for leveraging your capabilities

Levi9 Guide Cloud Loyal vs Cloud Agnostic

Get your cloud strategy right

The cloud is booming. A 2020 forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC), shows total worldwide spending on cloud services will surpass USD 1.0 trillion in 2024. Disruption and uncertainty have accelerated digital transformation in recent years. For many companies, that can mean migrating to the cloud or being to build cloud-native applications. 

But, this explosion also comes with a lot of hype. Levi9 experts are de-mystifying the cloud and cutting through the noise. Our guide includes a clear explanation of what it means to be cloud agnostic and cloud loyal. You’ll also gain practical advice to help you make cloud decisions that will truly benefit your organization. 

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Software Architect, Cloud expert, DevOps advocate. Stevan is experienced in building and running high performance and distributed solutions. He has over 10 years of experience in software design and development – Java, Go, Microservices, Cloud solutions – mostly in the digital marketing domain. Currently, he’s working on two Edge computing solutions with special requirements regarding security and distribution of applications.