Digital Marketing and Media

By the end of 2014, the number of Internet users globally has reached 3 billion. Digital marketing continues to grow, increasing its hold on the global market share, predicted to reach US$185 billion by 2017. Thereby the Digital Marketing and Media industry is highly dependent on the ever-evolving and fast-changing technology. The competition is fierce and the acceleration of time-to-market is crucial.

Leading companies within this industry have chosen Levi9 because we can help them to accommodate this market’s dynamics, the speed of innovation and the need to accelerate their business. Over 80% of our activities are happening on the revenue side of our customers, so that we help to optimally generate their revenue and profit.

We help our Digital Marketing and Media customers in the following areas:

Programmatic Marketing

Refers to the use of real time systems to automate the delivery of personalised and highly relevant ads to consumers. To enable this, we use Advertising Protocols (RTB, VAST, VPAID, etc.) and develop tailored Mobile SDK’s to enable our customers to build their own mobile apps.

Data Management Platforms (DMP’s)

Centralized platforms that collect huge amounts of audience data to create targeted ads resulting in higher conversion rates. To enable this, we use techniques such as Data Processing and Scaled Computing.


Refers to the automated management of complex systems composed of a set of (micro) services interacting with each other. To enable this, we implement services deployed on orchestration platforms, whereby the CPU, memory and storage are provided by the bare metal servers, virtualization, cloud service, or a combination of it.


What we did for Talpa

Streaming, playback and website platforms developed with cutting edge technologies.

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Rapid prototyping, followed by the initial product within 1-3 months.


Transition to Agile best-practices, to increase control while shortening time to market.


Quality built in from day one, through test automation, continuous integration and adaptive provisioning and deployment (infrastructure as code), increasing first-time-right delivery to production.


Creating the next generation of your products and services by means of Cloud and Mobile services.