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Electronic Retail

Electronic Retail is a fast changing market where companies need to deliver features to consumers around the clock.

What’s more, consumers expect a seamless experience across all channels, whereby it must be possible to continue a purchase of a product or service from any other device at any moment with the same interaction and layout.

To help our E-retail customers to constantly innovate, we focus on the following areas: Innovation and Time-To-Market, Multi-channel Experience and Big Data.

To achieve this, the following methods are applied:

Microservices Architecture enables scalability and high availability through the use of cloud supporting technologies.

Continuous Delivery helps to continuously adapt software in line with user feedback, while improving the quality and speed of delivery.

A/B Testing offers the opportunity to test new business ideas and is used to safely experiment with new features and services before exposing them to larger audiences.

Search performance is optimised and better insights in the effectiveness of search results are gained.

Responsive Design is applied to enable correct visual scaling in line with the specific screen resolution of the device it is being viewed on.

Mobile Development is used because conversion rates are persistently higher, when purchases are made on mobile devices.

Big Data techniques such as profiling, targeting, smart recommendation, real-time analytics and fraud detection make sure that purchases are made effectively, and that marketing strategies can be adjusted, even on-the-fly.


One of the largest online shopping outlets, with 145million visitors annually. There is an immense amount of choice on offer, with some 180,000 items divided into 5 categories: Fashion; Home, Garden and DIY; Electronics; Entertainment and Domestic Equipment; Sport and Leisure and Health and Beauty.


A one-stop shop for printing, advertising materials, clothing and gifts. Drukwerkdeal offers the largest variety of printing products in The Netherlands. Each individual purchase is tailored to the customer's needs.


One of the leading webshops in The Netherlands. With nearly 6 million loyal customers, Bol.com offers an ever-growing range of articles including entertainment, toys, electronics, DIY, luxury and baby products. 


A leading Supply Chain and Service integrator. Cycleon offers International Reverse Logistics solutions that reduce the complexity and cost of Returns Management.  

What our customers say about us

“The Levi nine team members are pro-active, take initiative in the technical area and are profoundly interested in our shop. They are very dedicated and, like us, work to achieve a better shop. That is very valuable for us.”

Jurrie van Rooijen, IT Director Bol.com

“Levi nine was supposed to help us out on resources, but it brought us so much more. We work with five teams in the Ukraine that understand and love our product as much as we do. We work together as real colleagues but on different locations. The dedication and commitment are above average, this is just impressive.”

Cor Haanstra, Software Architect & Product Owner at Drukwerkdeal


For examples of how we can help you to accelerate your E-retail business, please read our whitepapers:

How can Levi nine help?

We are proficient in Software Engineering and own technical knowledge that is relevant for the E-retail Industry Sector. We can help you bring your product development and deployment to the next level by:

Speed. Rapid prototyping, followed by the initial product within 1-3 months.
Adaptiveness. Transition to Agile best-practices, to increase control while shortening time to market.
Reliability. Quality built in from day one, through test automation, continuous integration and adaptive provisioning and deployment (infrastructure as code), increasing first-time-right delivery to production.
Innovation. Creating the next generation of your products and services by means of Cloud and Mobile services.