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The financial world is on the verge of changes that are comparable with the industrial revolution, yet with an enormously larger impact on people’s lives and on global business. This, with a speed of developments that is many times faster. Existing businesses need to adjust, improve, transform and become more agile or they will vanish. New businesses start and disrupt the landscape. Incumbents start and spin off new businesses, or partner with new ones. Competition is no longer what it used to be; competitors can become partners. Lines of business that so far had nothing to do with each other, may now compete or even join forces and come with new propositions. Although this changing world is a risk to many, it brings opportunities to many more.

The basis for these new products and services is software. Modern, robust, scalable and reliable software. Levi nine’s core business. We combine our knowledge and experience in software development with a focus on Fintech and the financial market. Levi nines Fintech Industry Sector works with clients that adopt and fuel these changes. Proactively we share our best practices, share observations and jointly take our next steps to success. One plus one equals nine.

Levi nine has relevant knowledge and experience of:

  • Banking as a Platform

  • Banking portals and mobile apps

  • Payments

  • API / SDK development

  • Authentication

  • Security and Fraud detection

  • IoT

Levi nine is a proud member of Holland Fintech.



Valitor is a leading online and e-commerce payment solutions company that operates internationally, offering services to partners, merchants, banks, and cardholders around the world. Dynamic and service-oriented, Valitor has accumulated the knowledge and expertise over a period of 30 years, working in close collaboration with Visa EU and MasterCard. Valitor is also active in the prepaid field, offering issuing and processing services for entities running, or planning to run, prepaid programs in Europe.

Five Degrees

Five Degrees is a financial technology provider delivering banking software to retail and private banks. Five Degrees’ product Matrix consists of a flexible and integrated banking platform with back-office, mid-office and customer interfaces. Matrix, its proven core BPM banking solution, operates in a fully automated model giving both customer and bank instant insight and control in the process. The Web-based mid office portal offers benefits in terms of efficiency in adapting new business processes on the go. The open services platform integrates with any external service or any external banking services requested. Clients deploy the technology in a number of pre-defined flavours: full retail and SME banking, savings bank, private banking or micro finance.


Backbase has created the world’s leading customer experience platform, Backbase CXP. It has been designed to organize, create, and manage  relevant customer experiences across all channels, on any device, to delight your customers and deliver measurable business results. Next to Backbase CXP stands Backbase DBP, the digital banking solution, optimized for retail banking, commercial banking and wealth management scenarios. Backbase DBP includes the omni-channel and customer experience power provided by Backbase CXP, enriched with out-of-the-box Digital Banking Apps. Levi Nine is deeply involved with two major sides of Backbase, product development and its integration at the end customer side.   Our engineers are working on the key components of the Backbase CXP suite, such as Portal, CXP Manager and Content Manager. The solution is widget-based, built using a microservices architecture. As part of Backbase's Professional Services department, Levi Nine integration teams are tailoring Backbase products to the needs of end-customers, transforming old-school legacy systems into modern web-oriented solutions.


For examples of how we can help you to accelerate your Fintech business, please read our whitepapers:

How can Levi Nine help?

We are proficient in Software Engineering and own technical knowledge that is relevant for the Fintech Industry Sector. We can help you bring your product development and deployment to the next level by:

Speed. Rapid prototyping, followed by the initial product within 1-3 months.
Adaptiveness. Transition to Agile best-practices, to increase control while shortening time to market.
Reliability. Quality built in from day one, through test automation, continuous integration and adaptive provisioning and deployment (infrastructure as code), increasing first-time-right delivery to production.
Innovation. Creating the next generation of your products and services by means of Cloud and Mobile services.