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Software Services

Competition is fierce and time-to-market is accelerated. Recruiting and keeping the best technical talent has become a challenge. There is an increasing shortage of skilled developers in Western Europe. In this competitive environment Software and Solution Vendors must overcome many challenges while remaining competitive and innovative.

Many clients have chosen us because our sourcing services provide them with a flexible layer of development capacity which accommodates market dynamics, the speed of innovation and staffing for accelerating their business. Over 80% of the activities of Levi9 at our clients is happening at the revenue side of our clients – we help generating their revenue and profit.

Over 750 professionals are based in our six delivery centres located in Serbia, Romania and Ukraine. As such, we have access to three labour markets providing an extensive capacity of university trained IT professionals. Our experience with these labour markets means we know how to recruit and retain the best talent, who not just excel in their technical skills, but also in their communication skills, their work ethics and proactive attitude.

The cultural proximity between Eastern and Western Europe is significantly closer than when offshoring to other parts of the world. Our delivery centres located in Serbia (Novi Sad, Belgrade and Zrenjanin) share the same time zone as The Netherlands whilst our delivery centres in Ukraine (Kiev and Lviv) and Romania (Iasi) are only 1 hour ahead.

Agile development requires a close relationship between customer (product owner) and supplier (scrum master, developers, testers). Working in a similar time zone maximizes real time communication and cooperation; both efficient and effective. Travelling to and from our delivery centres requires only half of a day, allowing low-threshold visits and face-to-face meetings onsite. We believe that collaboration is the pillar of success. Our remote teams integrate fully into your development teams and processes whilst bringing best practices to the situation. We do not merely offer capacity, but provide the team as a service (TaaS). The TaaS concept enables on-demand creation and management of distributed software development teams, effectively tailored for unique business requirements.


NodeView provides a visual overview of TetraNode - Rohill’s TETRA infrastructure solution - elements, showing current calls, channel load and alarm status of each of the elements. Levi nine has developed the NodeView application.

IoT Platform

Teleena's IoT platform enables monitoring and controlling of IoT devices. The devices can be connected in different ways, one of them is by using SIM cards. By using the expertise in providing mobile services, this platform adds value to companies which produce various connected devices by obtaining data of events and configuring the subsequent actions. Teleena and Levi nine work closely together in designing and implementing various aspects of this IoT platform. The domain knowledge that Teleena brings combined with the technical expertise and experience in software development of Levi nine creates a synergy which allows creative, well tested solutions tailored to the end user.


Carerix has used her long-standing expertise and experience to develop a modern cloud-based platform which supports the whole CRM, recruitment & selection and staffing process. Carerix uses a single system to support all devices, whether mobile or desktop. The current Webobjects-based monolithic back-end of the application is migrated to a Java-based component architecture. The components in both old and new architectures are able to run in co-existence. Gradually the components of the current back-end are replaced while functionality remains fully available for the users. Levi9 is developing this new Java-based environment while, in close cooperation with Carerix keeping focus on Carerix ambition and future enhancements.


Enabling G4S' branch and senior operational managers to complete and submit health and safety reports for G4S locations. Levi nine has developed the app for iOS and Android.

What our customers say about us

My first contacts with Levi nine are already from last year. During this time I have experienced a partner that is willing to help, especially when you need it the most. First solve the issues and then look at the contracts, that’s a beautiful interpretation of the agile manifesto by Levi nine. The Ukrainian employees of Levi nine are real professionals and it's a privilege to work with them! I never had a single doubt about our cooperation.

Jurgen Delfos, COO Carerix

How can Levi nine help?

We are proficient in Software Engineering and own technical knowledge that is relevant for the Traffic and Transport Industry Sector. We can help you bring your product development and deployment to the next level by:

  • Speed. Rapid prototyping, followed by the initial product within 1-3 months.
  • Adaptiveness. Transition to Agile best-practices, to increase control while shortening time to market.
  • Reliability. Quality built in from day one, through test automation, continuous integration and adaptive provisioning and deployment (infrastructure as code), increasing first-time-right delivery to production.
  • Innovation. Creating the next generation of your products and services by means of Cloud and Mobile services.