Can’t Wait to Learn War Child & Levi9

Can’t Wait to Learn is fast, effective and low-cost – and utilises custom gaming technology to deliver quality education. The evidence-based programme was developed by War Child and partners, such as Levi9, through years of testing and research.

More than 32 million children affected by conflict worldwide miss out on education. Can’t Wait to Learn opens up a whole new world to them – the world of learning. But the real magic? It is designed in partnership with children and tailored to their reality.

Can’t Wait to Learn provides a solution for millions of children around the world – both in formal schools and in out-of-school settings. The programme offers children affected by conflict the opportunity to (continue to) learn to read and count through playing educational games on tablet devices.

Thanks to a delivery system which can operate in resource constrained areas, Can’t Wait to Learn provides quality education to all children – no matter where they are. The programme enables children to learn even in places where formal education is not available.
Children of all abilities can learn through the program – each game includes instruction and practice modules, as well as a learning management system.

Since 2017, Levi9 and War Child Holland have been collaborating on a project to establish a data management and monitoring portal for the education technology program.

The management portal is a data tracking system, which enables Can’t Wait to Learn’s global and local staff to register the children in the programme and monitor their progress. The portal is a product of on-going developments and improvements based on feedback from both the War Child Holland team as well as team members from their country programs. As the program evolved and grew, so did the management portal and its functionalities. One of the main challenges has been to create a ‘’global’’ portal while incorporating the specific needs per country. This challenge required both the Levi9 and the War Child Holland team to be creative and pragmatic.

The final result of the portal is widely used and appreciated by various War Child teams using it in Bangladesh, Chad, Jordan, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Sudan and Uganda. The teams have seen their feedback being incorporated and come to life in the portal. Ultimately, the management portal is used for quality assurance, as we can track progress and follow up on implementation based on the data. This has been a valuable learning experience and partnership for War Child Holland, and we appreciate Levi9’s professional and financial contributions in the process.