DevOps Culture of Agile Software Development

Let’s be honest, software development is a complex process. Defects and integration challenges are quite often identified too late, becoming sizeable obstacles for business owners, development teams and end-users.

Lucky for you, there is a better way to do things. At Levi9, we use a holistic approach to software development. One that encourages communication and collaboration between the product management, development teams and operations. We transform a business idea into a product that delivers value and contributes to your objectives. It is called DevOps and we’re quite fond of it.

DevOps culture maximizes productivity and predictability. It complements lean and agile software development practices with the main goal to ensure fast and reliable delivery of useful software. DevOps practices ensure a smooth and fast flow of work from product design and development to operations and ultimately to the customer.

It enables a fast feedback-loop from operations to development, in order to detect issues fast, recover quickly and prevent problems. A streamlined process that keeps everybody connected, from users to product management to the development team.

On top of that, our continuous improvement practices create a culture that encourages initiative and experimentation; plus it gives us more time and energy dedicated to innovation and taking your products up the value chain. Global organizations that embraced DevOps definitely have a competitive edge: they deploy software code 30 times quicker; …with 60% less bugs; …with up to 200 times faster lead time to change; …and 168 times faster time to restore service.

Not only do these companies have higher growth rates, they get much higher satisfaction scores all across the board. Their customers appreciate their reliability in delivering products that truly add value to their business. Their employees love having a growth culture, where continuous improvements lead to professional development and a psychologically safe working environment.

An organization that does not use data as an incentive to improve practices of flow, feedback and continuous improvement will probably end up wasting time. In a competitive digital market, DevOps helps you keep up metrics and learn from your data – a real game changer. Take it from a myriad of state-of-the-art products, happy customers and satisfied employees; taking ownership of the way you approach the value stream and your innovation culture is the most beneficial change you will ever make. …and we’d be happy to assist you.

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