Tech Doc Festival: Levi9 celebrates 15 year anniversary

It’s been 15 years since we started this, with a dream to create a truly unique company that would change the IT landscape like the comet Schumacher Levy9 changed space.

We kept on moving forward, looking straight ahead, always trying to be one step ahead. And here we stand today, stronger than ever, still working on the basis of our DNA and culture instead of KPI’s. We just welcomed our 999th team member and we felt it was the perfect occasion for us to look back at what we accomplished and, most of all, think about the path that lies ahead of us.

No better timing for our 2nd edition of Tech Doc Festival. Big-scale events in Belgrade Serbia, Kiev Ukraine and Iasi Romania. At unique locations, like one of the most beautiful theatres in the world, we invited all 999 levi niners plus invitee to expand their horizons and ponder on the way technology will change in the next 999 years. To give them a bit of inspiration, we curated though-provoking documentaries exploring technologies that are about to change society. From artificial intelligence to life-extension, from nanorobotics to extra-terrestrial encounters. The future remains a mystery, but we feel it is important to take the time to think about how our current actions can impact the next centuries.

While this event stands as a milestone of our achievements and a celebration of our rich community of 999 levi niners, the theme of this year’s Tech Doc Festival serves as a great allegory for the way we approach work at Levi9. It was always paramount for us to give our team the room to think outside the box, to expose themselves to new ideas and a better way of working. We feel it is the only way to keep thriving through the new challenges and to take advantages of the opportunities ahead. Our team members know they are part of a big family at Levi9 and that they will always be encouraged to think for themselves, to figure out the best way to provide solutions for our customers.

This is what we want to know, our customers’ needs, but most importantly, what they want to achieve. Where will be the next Tech Doc Festival? A beach in the Balkans? In a forest weekend getaway? We don’t know. Future will tell. One thing we can be sure of: a growing family of levi niners will be there to celebrate with us!

For pictures of this amazing event, click here!