The Levi9 Story

Let’s be honest, these days the IT industry is so competitive it feels like the World Cup. So competitive that outsourcing work to foreign countries is a popular way to get the best developers on the field, meaning there’s a growing gap between IT specialists and their remote customers. Result: developers working on projects with no knowledge of their customers’ real needs, no transparent communication and no constant alignment. In a nutshell, IT services that are not optimized for your company’s challenges and objectives. Well, that’s not how we feel the game should be played. We are about making people happy – developers and customers.

We build bridges between people, get our developers to challenge our customers and ensure the services provided would be fine-tuned to their needs; to build a company with a human dimension where Levi9 and the customer can really be in touch every step of the way. Like the Shoemaker-Levy9 comet that collided with Jupiter and changed space forever, we want to make an impact and shape the future: Technology services with people in mind; Effective and impactful services that feel like a warm hug.

In 2005, Levi9 started investing in talented IT specialists in Eastern Europe, an untapped resource that allowed them to thrive during the industry crisis by offering high quality IT solutions while never compromising on innovation and reliability. Still today, after an exponential growth and the arrival of new management, these are values close to our heart. The strategy is clear: Make an impact with technology services on business. Keep an open line of communication between the customers and the specialists. Customer intimacy is key and personal development for our levi niners.

It’s simple: no cookie-cutter IT solutions. We are feedback-hungry to keep improving our methods and understanding the customers’ needs. We use the best communication tools to build quality relationships and only take on projects we know we can achieve at the highest standard. This is why we have been keeping loyal customers for years, some of them liking us so much they took us along in their new business ventures.

How do we get the best developers in the industry? We offer unparalleled grow opportunities and a real chance to achieve a work-life balance. 200 new specialists every year who share our values, pride themselves into building quality relationships with our customers. We invest in our people, because their success is ours and your success is theirs. This is the ecosystem we spent 15 years building and we’d love to have you join the party.