Kristina is ensuring the best learning paths and opportunities for employees, she is the Levi9 Learning and Development Partner representing Belgrade. ‘’One of my tasks is representing the company at job fairs to recruit interns and entry-level candidates.’’

After only 18 months at Levi9, colleagues thought a young, Levi9 newcomer would be a good fit for the panel discussion at the job fair about ‘Self-Initiative and Success.’ Kristina Miljkovic said, why not? 

As the job fair date approached, other panelists joined like CEOs and HR Directors of big companies. At the time, Kristina was a starter with very little experience, so was slightly intimidated. She feared she would not have something valuable to contribute.

Kristina decided to flip that mindset and my attitude. She would be speaking for and to the students. “Just one year ago I was a student. I know that feeling. I could help them,” Kristina says. “How to get their first job, how to apply for an internship, what to do when they get rejected and why they should not be afraid of the process?” 

During question time, most of the students directed their questions to Kristina and not the people with fancier titles and more experience. As an entry-level panelist, she was able to give them an entry-level perspective on applying to jobs and starting their professional growth. 

Early on, Kristina’s manager and colleagues supported and encouraged her to represent Levi9.

“Levi9 has a growth mindset that encourages ideas, empowers our colleagues and opens doors for juniors. Accepting the challenge and participating in the panel on ‘Self-Initiative and Success’ definitely demonstrated the core values of a Levi Niner. And because of my experience and confidence, this year at the job fair, I was a workshop leader for students seeking job skills training.”