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Connecting the world’s data safely
and effectively

Advancing innovation, and empowering people to do good

About LiveRamp

Connecting the world’s data safely and effectively

At Levi9, we are a critical component of LiveRamp’s vision to become a global platform for connected data. We aim to provide an intuitive self-service user interface for our customers, to upload, connect or start ingesting their data efficiently.

Our team receive and process hundreds of billions of records (120TB of data) daily from various sources.

We parse, validate, anonymize and normalize the data to a standard format to enable use by a diverse set of downstream applications.

We take data ethics and security seriously throughout our pipeline, ensuring compliance with relevant privacy laws and security certifications.

The Impact & The Challenges

Working with a leading data connectivity platform

Around 80 levi niners are working on the LiveRamp projects, tackling domains such as AdTech and big data. It is one of our biggest accounts, with headquarters in the San Francisco, United States, and offices in multiple places in the US, as well as in Europe.

The impact we are having is in three areas we identified as desirable for both parties: software, product, and strategy. The majority of our work is distributed in the software and product area, closely collaborating with the customer. We are targeting the operational and tactical levels, defining together the way and direction of future activities.

We are curious tech people who are usually seeking challenges to cure boredom and to spice up our daily routines. Regarding this particular project, the challenge consists in understanding and manipulating the complexity of LiveRamp’s products. On a second level, we are facing a permanent need for talented professionals to join our continuously growing team.

Tech Stack

You pick the track, we'll make you win

On an everyday basis, we are scaling from ingesting terabytes to petabytes of data, unifying US and EU pipelines, increasing data usability and self-serviceability. Then, we’re adding real-time streaming to our existing file-based batch processing system, enhancing the quality, reliability, and automation of our build, test, and deployment pipeline.
From profiling to defining and enforcing our system and product limits, we’re doing it all as a team by combining our skills and knowledge.

  • Ruby
  • React 
  • Typescript 
  • Jest/Mocha 
  • CSS 
  • JSS 
  • NodeJS

  • GCP
  • Pubsub
  • Zookeeper 
  • MySQL 
  • Hadoop
  • Spark 
  • Temporal
  • Thrift 
  • Java 
  • Sprint Boot

  • Github
  • Jenkins and spinnaker 
  • K8s 
  • Terraform 
  • Datadog
  • LogDNA

The Team

Our current model of work is Team as a Service.
Each team has a dedicated Delivery Manager responsible for taking care of the business-related activities. A Team Lead works with the DM on handling the team’s needs and requirements. Depending on the team, the collaboration with the customer is usually sustained through daily standup meetings. Some teams use Scrum, and others use Kanban. There is always a Product Owner or Manager from the customer’s side handling the operational work, providing all the relevant decisions regarding priorities and features to be implemented.

Grow and perform along the way

There is a lot of growth potential when it comes to the Big Data tech stack: cloud infrastructure, Python, DevOps competence, data analysis, data testing, ETL jobs implementation, maintenance, and also some web development using popular JS frameworks. The industry is very active and always expanding. The features and projects are very competitive and actively used worldwide. The world’s largest companies are our competitors, and in some instances, our collaborators.

Job Opportunities

We’re supporting your race at your own pace. Choose yours!

Every levi niner stands out in its personality, its knowledge, and its skills which is why we complement each other well. Levi9 is the place where you can develop yourself. All levi niners can learn by doing, attending courses as well as by sharing and interacting.

VA - Scania LP


A better world for business, society, and the environment.

About Scania

Streamlining transport operations worldwide

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions present in about 100 countries. The company was founded in 1891, and more recently, the company disrupted the transport business landscape by developing autonomous, electrified, and connected transport technologies.


The vehicle and driver data are gathered, analyzed, and exported in report format to show where fuel savings can be made to reduce CO2 emissions, easily monitor the vehicle's position, and manage defect reporting.


Our teams build web and mobile applications that aid fleet managers by providing vehicle data overviews, fleet position, driver performance reviews, and many more functionalities.

How we work

Learning in the flow of work

Scania Fleet Management Portal is a set of services that connects customer’s vehicles and drivers with the customer’s office. We work and experiment with cloud technologies. Both Levi9 and Scania teams are joined by tech experts that are willing to share their knowledge and mentor the colleagues that are eager to developer their skills.

Visual Engineering

We provide an optimal set of frontend frameworks and guidelines enabling internal and external Scania Fleet Management services to develop and deploy premium services to market, through a modularized architecture.

Mobile Development

Scania Fleet Management App is a solution built for the companies concerned with the commercial transport of goods with a need for an overview of its fleet for managerial and optimization purposes.

Service Planning

As part of the Scania Fleet Management Portal (FMP), Service Planning facilitates the customer’s service needs for their fleet by providing a set of tools to smoothly plan, book, and keep track of maintenance and/or repair work.

The continuous development of skills plays an important role in all our teams. Each team pursues it in different ways, and here are some examples from our colleagues:

Lab Days

For two days every month, you can work on a professional goal you have set, project-related or not. In a kick-off meeting, you are communicating the goal, and at the end of Lab Days, we’re organizing a retro meet-up to discuss our progress.

Mob Programming

We are always seeking our colleagues’ guidance, so we often organize sessions of live programming or hands-on programming. We explain the process behind our decisions, the implementation steps, and break down complex tasks.

Innovation Week

Every two months, we’re dedicating seven days to exploring and experimenting with innovative technologies. We’re developing our skills and share our findings within the team, so we all can learn and achieve new levels of expertise.

Tech Stack

Nobody makes an impact alone

Levi9 Iasi is a remarkable team of 120+ people. We are focused on offering tailor-made software solutions to our customers, facilitating innovation, and boosting talent. We love the challenge, especially the technology part of it.




AWS & GitLab CI/CD

Learning Opportunities

AWS services, infrastructure as code

  • React
  • Angular
  • Sass
  • LESS

  • .NET Core
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Scala

  • Java
  • Kotlin, RxKotlin
  • Swift, SwiftUI
  • Kotlin Multiplatform

  • Cypress
  • Appium
  • Selenium
  • Protractor

Hear from the Team

Ioana Jipa

– JavaScript Senior Developer 

Freedom to contribute in any way that you are able to. This is my favorite thing about working on this project. And not once I felt that we are two teams, working remote, due to their constant willingness to help, fun way of transferring their knowledge, and their high expectations that made me always demand and deliver great quality. 
Is it challenging? It definitely is. After one year working with them, I still find out things that I did not know about how the applications work, or how many features we provide. But this is only an opportunity of expanding the knowledge that I have. 
If you are unsure about how good you are at managing your time, this is the place where you will learn how to do it better. If you sometimes need someone to remind you that you need to do a specific thing, here is where you learn to educate your way of working. And not because someone is asking you to do this, but because they give you the responsibility and they trust you can do it.

Andrei Diaconu

– .Net Tech Lead

As a .NET developer who wanted to make a side-step and learn something new, I got the opportunity to join one of the Scania projects with a NodeJS stack. Even though I’ve worked with Node here and there in the past, it was nice to get the chance to fully embrace another programming language and see its pros and cons. Once I got accustomed to it, I was also able to do some frontend work on Angular which was on my to-do list as well.
The nice thing about it is that I got support for learning and doing things the right way, without being rushed by deadlines.

Tiberiu Grădinariu

Mobile Tech Lead

I rarely worked with a customer that is so open when it comes to adopting new technologies and tools. For us, the development team, it’s rewarding to develop a product and at the same time be up to date with the new frameworks and tools.

Customer Review

Eduardo Abrigo

– Product Owner Team Visual Engineering

“Fun, fruitful, and great. Three words that kind of summarize my experience working with our Levi9 colleagues. Our great collaboration makes life really easy for me as a Product Owner and a pleasure to count them in as part of the team and not an offshore extension of the same.

We strongly believe in the importance of having fun at work, feel proud and motivated with what we do by having clear expectations and shared responsibilities.”

Job Opportunities

Join our awesome levi niners!

Every levi niner stands out in its personality, its knowledge, and its skills which is why we complement each other well. Levi9 is the place where you can develop yourself. All levi niners can learn by doing, attending courses as well as by sharing and interacting.