Who holds back the electric car? No-one per se. But in order to ensure they become more widely adopted, one of the main challenges is developing a network of charging stations.

Currently there are only 175,318 fast and normal charging points in Europe. The European Commission estimates that at least 2.8 million electric charging points will be needed across the EU by 2030 ahead, ACEA acknowledges that, beginning of the next decade.

The gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down. But our customer – Everon, the EV (electric vehicle) charging management platform – is working to propel the sector forward by expanding these numbers significantly.

However, in order to scale their offering, Everon needed to find a reliable, forward-thinking partner who understood their technology – which is exactly why they began working with Levi9.

Providing The Right Resources To Get The Job Done

Everon’s aim is to enable businesses to create their own dynamic charging network, by delivering EVBox charging posts. They’d been doing just great when they got in touch – they’d already rolled out their platform in over 100,000 charging points in more than 55 countries.

However, to meet growing demand, Everon needed to develop new functionality and flexible options within its core application. Basically, they needed a lot of new developers to help them develop the platform, web applications, and mobile apps.

In fact, 16 teams of developers were required: to tackle everything from both a front- and a back-end perspective – including technical debt and developments around data.

“Our charging point management platform is set up to be entirely scalable as a service, and Levi9 has helped us do that. For us, it’s a unique opportunity to grow in this relatively young and promising market,” says Joeri Kamp, COO, Everon.

“Levi9 has a reputation as a reliable partner, so you know they deliver, and you know you can count on satisfaction as a client. All those things played a role in the choice”.

Having A Shared Mission For Future Success

Another important consideration for Everon when choosing its development partners was a shared mission and purpose – as well as a compatible culture. This was certainly true for Everon when selecting Levi9. They were particularly impressed with the fact 40% of our employees are female.

With these shared values giving them additional confidence, Everon continues to push the boundaries of EV technology, develop new solutions, and ultimately scale in a way that’s consistent with their aims and ambitions.

As the world wakes up to new perspectives on work, transport, and mobility; the moment couldn’t be more opportune for the EV sector to innovate at scale.

The need for collaboration is greater than ever. Levi9 continues to work closely with Everon to ensure its technology not only meets, but exceeds, its scope for future growth.