Product Tank Amsterdam and Levi9

Developing great digital products is difficult. How do you align what will help your customer with what is feasible. If it helps the customer, will it become a commercial success?

Our teams in many cases work closely with product managers to develop products for their customers. We have done that for over 15 years and we have found that there are a few thing that successful products have in common. Strong product management is clearly a factor that will greatly improve your product’s chances to become a success. Strong product managers are better equipped to have the team rally around their customer’s problem. They empower the team to come up with answers, resist feature creep and maintain focus on¬†¬†outcomes, on improving each cycle.

We recognise that good product management is significant for software products to become successful. And as a company we want to make a positive impact. Working together with Product Tank, supporting meaningful conversations around product management by being a sponsor makes total sense to us. We’re excited that we can help such an already vibrant community to continue to thrive. We’ll be joining the events as students, as fans and in some cases as specialists. In which ever capacity we’re there, we love to hear from you.

See you soon at Product Tank Amsterdam.