Design your own development path

Take control of the steering wheel and accelerate your career

Your career might feel like driving a racing car. But you know it involves much more than speed. To become the best version of yourself, we empower you to create the impact you want to be delivered at your own pace. Resources will come along in no time.

The team will copilot your interests and goals, offering advice and guidance, keeping you on track with work-life balance.

Your career is the Grand Prix we’re cheering for

At Levi9, you are empowered with education, challenges, a voice, and a circuit to showcase your success. Every one of us has our own style, and we work in a state of flow: continuously growing, challenged but not burnt out, capable but not bored. Our services are not only a collection of technologies and activities. The real difference is made by how we do it. Always together.



Iași, RO

47° 9′ 6.2136” N
27° 35′ 16.4904” E








We are based in Iași, with headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Some might say we are an IT service provider. But in reality, we are the IT service partner for our clients, transforming their business goals into our success in technology.  Our customers empower us with freedom over solutions and autonomy over the implementation. And we answer to their trust with transparency and ownership.


We all visualize our careers as a race until we realize it is not a trophy we are after. It is the ongoing partnership to build a thriving career path, at our own pace. This is how we do it on the Levi9 circuit. Let’s share the track!

We’re supporting your race at your own pace. Choose yours!