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The Red Cross of the Internet

The Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD) scans the internet for vulnerabilities and reports these to people who can fix them. Shairesh will go into some of the recent cases, ranging from KaseyaVSA, to Log4j in 2021 and shares some of the 2022 highlights. He will also give an introduction on how the DIVD has professionalized vulnerability disclosure and why they are allowed to somewhat break laws on computer crime and privacy.

Shairesh Algoe is passionate about information security and enjoys teaching and telling stories. He manages to keep information security simple with more than 12 years of experience in technical and leadership roles. His day job is being a Chief Information Security Officer for TM-Pro, a FinTech company which provides banking as a service platform. He is also a board member at the DIVD, as well as an entrepreneur who delivers security products and services to multiple companies. Shairesh is a speaker, and he teaches students about information security and quantum technology.