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Data is a new security boundary

Modern application platforms gather, process and store data everywhere: from mobile apps and web to backend services, data warehouses, ML models, and BI analytics tools. The data protection approach has switched from “protect the data where it’s stored” to “protect the data wherever it exists”.
We will talk about data security 101: application level encryption (ALE), end-to-end encryption (E2EE), searchable encryption, and zero knowledge / zero trust architectures. Then we will discuss how data security is combined with traditional security controls (appsec & infrasec) to build secure & resilient systems.

Anastasiia Voitova builds security tools for protecting data during the whole lifecycle (encrypt everything!). She shares a lot about “boring cryptography”, end-to-end encryption, data security, zero knowledge / zero trust systems, software security architecture. She speaks on international conferences, conducts workshops and training for developers, and co-organizes cybersec events.