AWS Cloud Services

Become a front runner in cloud with Levi9 Amazon Web Services   The pace at which businesses embrace cloud technologies is accelerating. Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services are relentlessly creating new services that help developers to create software applications faster, cheaper, with less risk and with instant scalability. Digital companies such as Talpa Networks, Essent and PVH (Tommy Hilfigger/Calvin Klein) have teamed up with Levi9 Technology Services to decrease time-to-market, lower operational costs and to be prepared for almost limitless market growth.

Smart orchestration


We strongly believe that cloud is changing software development practices in a fundamental way. New technologies accelerate and simplify development.

Cloud services develop extremely fast and they offer:

  • Scalability and flexibility in capacity and costs
  • Pace and simplicity in development by using standard services and serverless technologies.

Using these services and adding to it open source software components and standard business services, and connecting these software services through API’s creates value.

At the same time, the amount of data collected, whether it is structured, unstructured or smart, is multiplying in unprecedented ways.

If you as a digital business want to get the most out of this, you will need a technology partner that understands how to orchestrate software services in a smart way. We call this approach: smart orchestration.


Levi9 Advanced Consulting Partner

We are a AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, which means that the partnership with Amazon Web Services is a strategic choice for us. We are focusing on 4 main competences within the AWS landscape:

  • Serverless technology and Function as a Service (FaaS). Read more about how we used Lambda’s to speed up development and achieve instant scalability in the LiveRamp case (pdf) or in the Incision case (pdf)
  • DevOps
  • Data & Analytics
  • Well Architected

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