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Managed services for Amazon Web Services

AWS Managed services for Cycleon

System Administration

TomTom: TechOps

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery @ Backbase

IT Operations

Modern software development processes require involvement of the IT Operations element from the very start of the development project. IT Operations is the enabler of automated delivery of the software through Continuous Delivery practices. It glues together different parts of the development process and enables faster time to market. Modern-day infrastructure/environment setups are described as a code and can be recreated whenever needed as many times as needed.

When a product is put into production, keeping an IT environment running smoothly, requires constant supervision. There is a continuous need to install security patches and application updates, monitor the system status and its performance to identify and prevent potential problems, and when they do occur, quickly resolve issues regardless of the time of day or night during which they occur.

Hosting suppliers have made decisive progress to enable remote management of all software hosted in the Cloud or on virtual or physical servers. This enables outsourcing of these activities to external parties and makes the physical location of the outsourcing party irrelevant. Still, being in the right time zone is important for daily contact between the customer and the service provider.

The Levi Nine IT Operations Services consist of reactive/preventive and adaptive/innovative components. The reactive/preventive part of the service takes care that the systems are running smoothly through constant monitoring, updating/patching and incident resolution, whereby the adaptive/innovative part makes sure that systems meet changing business needs through change management. The innovative part is usually an integral part of Agile development. DevOps principles, supporting development teams, enable faster time to market for the customer’s software.

Our cases in IT Operations

AWS Managed Services

Cycleon is a leading Supply Chain and Service integrator, running its infrastructure in AWS. Cycleon is increasingly using AWS features. Levi nine helps Cycleon manage its entire Amazon cloud infrastructure, e.g. monitoring the health of the instances but also of the applications by pushing the logs and creating metric alarms. While also providing guidance for the architecture and the adoption of new Amazon Web Services.


We help our customer Carerix in supporting our day-to-day operations, like maintaining machines running Windows or Debian Linux. Besides the day-to-day operations we help Carerix in migrating their services to Amazon Web Services.


Levi nine TechOps team is supporting TomTom in the managing the IT environment. This includes management of operating systems like Windows and Linux, deployment and support of physical and virtual servers, deployment and support Vmware, Cludstack and Citrix Xen Hypervisor servers as well as decommissioning of physical and virtual servers. Additionally, Levi nine provides support in the field of Active Directory, DNS, Kerberos/LDAP, Nagios and RackTables. Levi nine is providing capacity as part of the TomTom TechOps unit.

Continuous delivery

Improve Digital is a leading European digital media monetization platform for publishers. The platform is a composition of many services, micro-services and different applications deployed and operated on virtualized infrastructure. Next to production environments, we provide and maintain multiple test, acceptance, staging and sandbox environments, even on the level of individual services, according to CI/CD principles. Bamboo is at the heart of our CI/CD infrastructure; currently we have around 150 builds and more than 100 deployment plans configured to deliver Java, PHP and containerized services/apps/ using maven/gradle and scripting.

Continuous delivery

Backbase is a software company that helps financial institutions with creating, managing and optimising secure omni-channel customer interactions. There is a major challenge in delivering quality and secure software that will run on various platforms and in various configurations. The continuous delivery solution allows to develop, test and release different components for the application independently. It enables rapid integration to run automated tests against any number of environments that are flexibly configured on various versions of the components, application servers and databases. The software is reassembled, tested and released internally on every commit.

Continuous delivery

PowerHouse is a Dutch energy supplier, part of Essent and RWE. The Powerhouse Energy Platform helps customers to adapt to changing energy needs, and makes it possible to choose the best time to purchase energy by providing real-time insights into energy price trends. For the needs of this platform, we have implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline in order to propagate new features and improvements to different environments on Amazon AWS with high speed and quality. The pipeline is based on Jenkins as the CI server, and on Puppet as the orchestration and configuration management framework. Environments are provisioned quickly and efficiently, allowing developers to execute automated tests, so to verify that the micro-services solution is integrating correctly.

What our customers say about us

My first contacts with Levi nine are already from last year. During this time I have experienced a partner that is willing to help, especially when you need it the most. First solve the issues and then look at the contracts, that’s a beautiful interpretation of the agile manifesto by Levi nine. The Ukrainian employees of Levi nine are real professionals and it's a privilege to work with them! I never had a single doubt about our cooperation.

Jurgen Delfos, COO Carerix


DevOps entails collaboration and communication between software developers and IT OPS, while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes resulting in application that are easy to deploy with a frequency of even multiple times per day.

How can Levi nine help?

We provide remote IT Operations services in the following areas:
• Cloud and Container Management
• Infrastructure Automation
• Configuration Management
• Continuous Delivery
• System Management
• Virtualisation Services
• Database Administration Services
• Generic and specific packaged application services
• Hosting services

Our software development practices are based on the Agile and Lean methodologies. Software development teams are usually organized into multi-functional poly-skilled Scrum teams following DevOps recommendations. Depending on the stage of the product in the software development lifecycle, we might use Kanban, if the product is requires more support related activities as opposed to further enhancement/innovation activities.