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Complete Programmatic Web Platform development

Development partner for Improve Digital

Delivering software to production each day

Multiple Agile teams for Exact Online

Development and customization of Ticket Vending Machines for public transport

Software development for Xerox TVM's

Software Development

Local development is costly, while offshore development can be difficult to execute effectively, particularly for mid-sized companies. The increasing trend towards Agile development is hampered both by a shortage of skilled professional in Western Europe and by communication difficulties when working with teams from Asia due to differences in culture, views on communication and, of course, time zones.

Levi Nine, expert in nearshoring

By working with us you will achieve significant cost reductions as opposed to application development in Western Europe. You can travel to any of our development centres within half a day, and our teams can visit your location within a similar timeframe. We offer a communication culture that reflects the Western European way of working by working proactively, thinking together with the client and putting ourselves in your position: we do not blindly execute what is asked.
We attract high volumes of highly skilled, university educated professionals with various experience, who enjoy working for us and for our clients. Therefore our attrition rates are low, and our proposals can be taken at face value: there are no hidden costs. When we do face issues, we first look into an effective resolution and secondly into the contractual terms. Thereby we have an extensive track record of successful projects: clients such as TomTom and Exact entrust their product development with Levi Nine.

At Levi Nine we strongly believe in Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. These methods promote frequent feedback and overall open communication, which prevents misunderstandings and subsequent mistakes. To enable transparency and agility of communication, we use web-based collaboration tools for daily development activities. JIRA Atlassian is our preferred platform, seeing as it offers an Agile board and other Scrum and Kanban related functionalities such as burn-down charts.

Our preferred delivery model is what we call Team as a Service. This means that we not only provide well balanced cross-functional teams that are the best fit for the assignment, but also take responsibility for quality and timeliness of delivery of software. While we are using an agile setup to deliver the software, we also take responsibility to achieve milestones and reach deadlines together with your Product Owners and other stakeholders.

Getting started

The cooperation with each new client starts with an on-boarding period on the client’s location. The on-boarding typically takes between 1-3 weeks during which the Levi9 team works closely together with various client representatives in order to understand both the business and IT aspects of the intended cooperation. Thereby special attention is paid to laying down working agreements such as an agreed sprint duration, Scrum meetings, expected level of specification and the Definition of Done. After the initial period on-site, working remotely is supported by using video conferencing through the Skype for Business collaboration tool. Nevertheless, having seen each other face-to-face during the initial period is a precondition for finding each other remotely and cooperating successfully on a continuous basis.
Moreover, although online communication works well for daily operations, Levi Nine encourages regular visits from team members to the client and vice versa in order to strengthen the relationship and understanding of the client’s business goals. Ideally, we recommend regular visits 3-4 times per year, whereby face-to-face meetings are especially important when initial discussions pertaining to new developments are to take place.

Improve Digital

Europe’s Advanced Monetization Technology Platform for Publishers. A revolutionary full-stack ad technology for video, web, and mobile. An all-in-one publisher solution that integrates the capabilities of both a premium ad server and a supply-side platform (SSP).

Exact Online

Exact Online is web-based software for business administration and financial management for small and medium enterprises. Levi nine has been involved in the development of the product since 2009 and is currently working with 4 agile teams. The competences involved are front-end development, mobile development and test automation. Through a high degree of Test and Delivery automation, the software is released each day.

Xerox TVM

Xerox is the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management, offering global services from claims reimbursement and automated toll transaction to customer care centres and HR benefits management. As part of its service portfolio, Xerox is the largest provider of transportation, tolling and parking services to governments around the world, and a leading supplier of complex, network solutions for managing fare collection for public transport systems. Xerox TVM software is the new generation software platform for Ticket Vending Machines. Levi nine is developing and maintaining the TVM software, as well as customising TVM software for use in different customer implementations worldwide.