Software Development Services

When it comes to tailor-made software solutions for business technology, innovation is all about increasing the pace of delivery. Speed influences the time to market and indirectly affects the costs associated with the project.

At Levi9, we deliver new technologies that facilitate this pace of delivery. We focus on smart orchestration and the integration of services, open source components, and customized software.

Our Technology vision:

  • Accelerated development – where we focus on the pace of delivery by combining unique, tailor-made software with open source components and managed and 3rd party services – such as serverless functions
  • Cloud – where we use Cloud services in order to eliminate the need of provisioning and managing infrastructure so our teams can focus more on generating business value for our customers
  • Data – where we utilize data processing in order to help our customers extract the assets associated with the data being processed

Years of experience in various industries

Fintech and finance

Technology and innovation for challengers in the finance world


Growing revenues for electronic retail

Digital media and advertising

Programmatic web and data solutions for advertisers

Traffic and Transport

Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Mobility as a Service and Public Transport Solutions

Independent Software Vendors

Scale-up solutions for software companies

Digital platforms

Technology solutions for Digital Platforms


IoT, Blockchain and Integration solutions

Industrial automation

Robust technology for industry-grade applications

In the digital world, every interaction leaves a data footprint

Today the world’s most valuable resource has changed from energy to data. Businesses are becoming driven by data and the insights derived from it; this in turn requires us to develop new skills in the domains of data engineering and data science.

To develop a business-value focused application, IT strategy, and to fit your business objectives, Levi9 will collaborate with your teams. We prefer our delivery model, Team as a Services. This means that we not only provide well balanced cross-functional teams that are the best fit for the assignment, but also take responsibility for quality and timeliness of delivery of software. While we are using an agile setup to deliver the software, we also take responsibility to achieve milestones and reach deadlines together with your Product Owners and other stakeholders.

Our main technology stacks in software development:

  • Java (using the Spring framework)
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Scala
  • C++
  • GoLang
  • JavaScript (React, Vue, NodeJS)

Our web-based solutions and main application types:

  • Web Backend
  • Web Frontend
  • Mobile applications
  • Serverless
  • Data Analysis / BI
  • Machine Learning / AI