An urgently needed cable for a project was blocked in the customs for more than 30 days. Serbian customs has very specific, old fashioned shipping requirements using a stamp and a signature with a blue ballpoint pen. The customer sent the package from the Netherlands without the stamp and with a black signature. 

The Netherlands no longer used the stamp for shipping, and no one was going to the office because of lockdowns. So, Levi9 managers used all their connections, knowledge and called on their relatives. They teamed up with FedEx to complete the documentation in the right color with the right stamp to resend the cable for the customer.

When the special cable finally arrived, it didn’t work. After many days of trying everything, calling electricians, video walkthroughs, the team discovered the wrong cable had been sent to Serbia. The whole import gymnastics had to be repeated all over again, but this time with all the right steps and right people to get the right cable.