May 27th 2020

Staying connected & secure when working from home

These are new times with new challenges for all of us. And while many businesses struggle to stay in business, others are reinventing themselves to keep delivering services to their customers. For many of us, business continuity has been a theoretical exercise: creating plans for unlikely events. This time, it is for real.

Working from home is not new for Levi9, we had both the technology and the mentality in place. Still, we faced additional challenges when ensuring that 1100 people across Europe could work from home, both securely and effectively. Being an Agile company at heart, we have overcome these challenges quickly and without impact on delivering to our customers worldwide.

When faced with the requirements of social distancing, and as consequence having to work from home, we are all quickly picking up on this new way of working. Digital lunches with the team and Friday drinks, working with your child on your lap and with your cat on your keyboard is not something we were accustomed to on a daily basis before.

At the same time, when faced with fears for our loved ones, we are ready to compromise on what we took for granted before, like socializing with our friends and colleagues. However, there are some things we cannot compromise on, even under these circumstances. Digital security is certainly one of those things, and now it is even more important than ever.

We feel that in these times, it is important that we share and learn from each other. What troubles did you come along and what creative solutions did you come up with? Do you still have questions and concerns and would you like to know how other digital and software companies moved to the new normal? What do you think is waiting on the horizon and how do you expect you will be organized -say- half a year from now?

We want to share our experiences with you and give you the opportunity to share your creative solutions, concerns and questions with us and with other Levi9 customers. We would like to invite you for an Online Round Table session to share with you our story on how we did it and to invite you for a discussion about this topic.

Online round-table




27 May 2020

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