A few years ago, Levi9 organized a 2-day sailing trip with a mix of developers, HR, administration from Belgrade team. Many had never been sailing before and thought it would be a nice team challenge. They were right!

The first day of our sailing trip was all sun and fun. Relaxing, drinks, food, and a party vibe. On the second day, they woke up to a storm on the Adriatic Sea. The storm was rough, the water was rough, but not life threatening. Many of were first-time or amateur sailors, so they had to learn very quickly how to navigate a storm in a sailboat.

All hands-on deck were needed. The guide started handing out pills for seasickness and many of the women and the sick team members stayed below deck. But not event organizer Marija. She wanted to help, take pictures of our experience, and didn’t mind getting wet or seasick. She had organized the trip and wanted to be a part of the experience.

The biggest challenge of the stormy day was using the sails to dock at the fueling station in the middle of the sea. Because of rain and wind, no one was expecting the sailboat at the fueling platform. The team yelled and called from the deck until finally staff at the fueling station came out, brought the boat in, they refueled and chose to carry on with the windy team day.

To be honest, most thought sailing would be a leisurely trip. They would just play some games and learn a few things about how to shift sails and tie some knots. The storm was an unplanned, exciting activity that brought the team together. The real-life experience of working together, even though they didn’t all know how to sail, was the best kind of teambuilding activity. And yes, they said they would all do it again.