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Flop or success, product management pitfalls

What hidden pitfalls can you expect when it comes to software product management? We’re inviting you to a session with Kasper Zwetsloot, COO at Felyx, and Robert Gaal, enterpreneur with multiple startups on his track record. They will give you a behind-the-curtain view on building top customer experiences. Of course with an opportunity to informally continue the conversation with a bitterbal and a drink. Join us on April 12th!

The role of software product management

What is in the program?

  • Felyx (Kasper Zwetsloot (COO)): the journey we are on. As we move into a reality where many things are delivered as a service, having a great product is no longer sufficient. The customer’s experience will be a vital factor in your success. How are key experience enablers identified, what issues are encountered in product management, what are the main challenges and how can good product management ensure the best chances for success.
  • Product Management from startup to Google – Robert Gaal In an informal conversation Robert will share his experience on the differences in Product Management between the environments in which he has worked. Ranging from the startup to to the large scale environment of Google. What mistakes can you avoid, what should you and what shouldn't you do.



16:00 - 19:00 (EEST)


April 12th, 2022


Capital C in Amsterdam

Kasper Zwetsloot

Robert Gaal