Three colleagues from Levi9 Romania received Formula 1 tickets as special recognition for their work efforts at Levi9. One of the golden tickets went to .Net Developer Loredana who had developed online workshops called Scrum@Home.

“No one asked me to start this. I did it on my own time. I wanted to try something new and something we needed to connect colleagues remotely.”

Loredana’s initiative supported improvements and challenges of virtual Scrum meetings. She held 20 sessions to help levi niners in Romania and the workshop spread to other countries as well.


Earlier in the year, Loredana joined the Levi9 2021 Hack9 Challenge for machine learning. Her team had to teach a mini race car to navigate a mini Formula 1 race track similar to Circuit Zandvoort. Racing is not very popular in Romania, but Loredana was still thrilled to go back and get the full-sized experience. 


While observing the 3-day F1 event, Loredana was able connect the dots between Levi9, the machine learning hackathon and the Formula 1 experience.

“It’s not all about racing the car or the driver. It’s the whole team, backstage, in the pit, engineers, the ones you don’t see who have built the car and make improvements daily.”

“Levi9 runs like a Formula 1 team. Behind-the-scenes everyone must communicate to make everything run smoothly and go faster, just like a racing team.”

“Levi9 provides us with all the means we need to grow and space to be a part of a winning team. When I wanted to start a virtual Scrum workshop, Levi9 said ‘Go for it.’ So, I was in the driver’s seat. Absolutely anyone can be in the driver’s seat.”