November 26th 2020

We will focus on one of the techniques – User Story Mapping

Webinar Product Discovery with Raimo van der Klein

Understanding the business goals of our customers and the needs of their users is an essential part of building the right, high-quality, software solutions.

But how do you ensure that the development teams understand the bigger picture (why do we need it) and know what to build to fulfill those needs?
How do you accomplish a common understanding between business and IT?
In what way do you engage the development teams to think together with business representatives?
How would you approach all these challenges while working remotely?

There are many techniques that can help in accomplishing this, realizing your business goals.

During this webinar, our experts Nina Stanic and Dragana Stanković will focus on one of those techniques – User Story Mapping in practice.
You will be taken through the whole process, from the preparation phase and follow-up actions to the implementation stage.

We are excited to have Raimo van der Klein – Chief Product & Technology Officer at Incision as our guest speaker, who is an expert in this field and has experienced USM workshops during the partnership with Levi9.

“Raimo has been board member, founder and CEO of Layar, a global leader in Augmented Reality and Interactive Print, helping to bridge the gap between print and digital worlds.
Raimo has been active in the startup domain since 2008 and has served as a mentor at Rockstart, an advisor to Startup Amsterdam and advisor to several startups. He has written many articles related to team dynamics in combination with autonomous teams like founder teams.”

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26 November

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