Picture this: a busy party street on a cold December night in Belgrade, people spilling out from restaurants and bars onto sidewalks shimmering under holiday lights. You can feel music and mischief pulsating in the wintery air.

On this mysterious, or some even call it a magical night, a group of unnamed levi niners wound up at the hottest nightclub in town. Rumour has it that they were all in the city for a training event, but the evening became a little more exciting when everyone learned a levi niner was celebrating his birthday. Now, this was a party that would make Berlin blush (or so we’ve heard). Everyone was dancing, champagne was flowing and silver platters piled up with hors d’oeuvres kept floating by. Who could blame these revelers for succumbing to the spirit of the night? 

Suddenly, they took a good look around and realized they were quite out of place. Everyone else was dressed to the nines and they were dressed like, well, levi niners. They sheepishly tried to move towards the exit sign undetected until a voice rang out over the music. “Not so fast!”

The group froze and looked at each other. Should they make a run for it or own up to their (honest) mistake? Just before they made their choice, the young woman held up something bright and shiny. To their complete surprise, she handed them all holiday presents. Well, levi niners never want to appear rude or ungrateful so they graciously accepted. 

So, what was inside? Some say bottles of the finest Serbian wines and other extravagant delights. We’ve even heard the bags were stuffed with euros (an undisclosed amount, of course). The truth is elusive in this tale, but we know one thing for sure: what happens in Belgrade stays in Belgrade.

We just hope those levi niners didn’t make it onto Santa’s naughty list.