When Mirjana joined Levi9 in 2012 as a Junior Delivery Manager in Novi Sad, Serbia, it was clear from the first day that the new job would bring her many new experiences. 


“Everything in the office was glass, which made it look very modern but for me it also represents the culture of Levi9. Everyone is very open, helpful, and supportive. That meant a lot to me especially because I had so much to learn.” 


Mirjana’s background was in electrical engineering and she’d never worked at a tech company. But, thanks to a mentor at Levi9 who invested in her to get here up to speed she was working independently within no time. 


“I really liked how dynamic the job was, working with all the different projects and customers. Still, after a while, I was ready for a new challenge.” 


That motivation led her to a new company, but Levi9 wasn’t ever too far out of view. Mirjana kept in good contact with her former colleagues. She even rang in the New Year at the legendary Levi9 NYE party. When Levi9 rebranded and opened a new office in Belgrade, she liked what she saw. Within a few years, she was once again ready for a change and was just about to make a move to a different company. Then, Mirjana received an interesting offer.


“Levi9 reached out to me and asked if I’d like to come back to work there instead. Everyone was very welcoming, which felt nice.” 


Mirjana returned to Novi Sad as a Delivery Manager. This time around, she had a broader perspective of her job and experiences with different management styles that she says made her better at her work. These lessons paid off when Mirjana was promoted to a Delivery Director at the Belgrade office. 


“I think the time away gave me a stronger appreciation for what Levi9 has to offer. The support, knowledge-sharing, and transparency – it’s a unique place. That’s why I’m just one of the many who have returned after working somewhere else.”