Worklife and homelife have blurred how we see our workplace. Office space is now sometimes with the cat in the attic. Yet still we managed to hold onto the World Class Workplace title in 2021. How? Because maybe it’s not about the work or the place. Surely, it’s not about being classy since many of us worked from home in sweatpants.

Recently, independent researcher Effectory awarded Levi9 with a 7.9 rating for employee satisfaction. That’s above the global average and we’re extra proud of the 9 ?. But what does that score mean? We asked our own people why it’s a big deal to work at Levi9. The answers were anonymous, sometimes surprising, often awesome and certainly refreshing.

9 reasons why it’s so great to work at Levi9

1. CONNECTIONS: “It doesn’t matter whether I work at the office or at home, I feel a connection with my team and Levi9 in particular. I adore my teammates and the atmosphere of the working environment.”

2. BUILDING SKILLS: “I greatly appreciate the entrepreneurial culture at Levi9, opportunities to experiment and explore new ideas. I feel that I have a lot of opportunities to apply my skills and develop new ones at Levi9.’’

3. EXPERIMENTAL SPACE: “I have the freedom to experiment with ideas that I think will bring value to the customer or the company.”

4. MINDSET: “I’m proud of the constant improvements and the growth mindset, opportunities for personal development, job dynamics, high quality of work.’’

5. EXPERTISE: ‘’Honest, supportive, great experts who push development forward.’’

6. KINDNESS & DIVERSITY: “I am proud of how many kind, intelligent, versatile and yet so different people work in our company.’’

7. KNOWLEDGE SHARING: ‘’It makes me proud that my colleagues are willing to share knowledge, to support juniors, to support others when needed and to have open communication within team.’’

8. MAKING A DIFFERENCE: “I can make a difference at Levi9 – both the company and the customers are open to my feedback and appreciate my ideas.”

9. GROWTH & IMPROVEMENT: “We are working with people that always aim to improve themselves.” “It’s the best learning ground on the planet!”

If any of these reasons weren’t awe inspiring enough, find 999 other awesome reasons why working at Levi9 has the WOW-factor: