About us

Hello, we are Levi9


We are an easy-to-work-with technology partner that helps you create cool digital products, scale your software, and build your digital platforms.

We’re technology optimists

At Levi9, we believe in the endless possibilities of technology.

Our culture helps us excel

Collaboration, communication, and co-creation rely on mutual understanding and empathy.

Context defines impact

Only by adjusting to the specific situation can real value be created.

How we started

Levi9 started out with the idea that in Eastern Europe, close to technical universities, there are a lot of highly trained and passionate IT experts, with a good cultural match to Western Europe, while there was (and still is) a great shortage of skilled people in the Dutch labor market.


Originally planning to move people over to the Netherlands, this took longer than expected.
Launching customers tried working with people remotely and discovered that this worked fine.


We started getting used to hybrid teams, working remotely, and doing online meetings—skills we still use today. We also realized that meeting face to face does make a difference, which is why all Levi9 customers visit our delivery centers regularly, and our people come over whenever needed.

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Our journey


In 1994, the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. This changed space forever.


Levi9 was founded by Bernhard van Oranje and Menno de Jong with its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and the first delivery center in Novi Sad, Serbia.


Levi9 expanded to Iasi, Romania and Kyiv, Ukraine for a second and third delivery centers respectively.


We moved into our new headquarters in Amsterdam.


Celebrating 9 years of Levi9!


This year marks the opening of the delivery center in Zrenjanin. This is the second DC in Serbia and the fourth in total.


We opened new delivery centers in Belgrade, Serbia (5) and Lviv, Ukraine (6).


A new office in Iasi, Romania opened. Celebrating fresh start!


We welcomed our 999 levininer.


Our new Tech Campus opens in Belgrade.


Finally grown up!
Levi9 turns 18.


Iasi, Romania opens a new office. Ready for the future!

Facts at a glance


35% women
65% men

customer cases

We work towards
100% CO2 neutral

Levi9 university

Levi9 events every year

Strategic cloud partnerships

We are cloud-agnostic and technology is in our hearts. We love the fact that technology is always changing, innovating, and improving. We love finding better ways, more powerful technology, and more impactful solutions. Such approach is endorsed by our strategic cloud partnerships.

Happy employees, happy customers

We empower each other, and we empower our customers. We bring people into situations where they can excel. We help them grow, we give them energy, we motivate them, and we give them freedom and direction. We benchmark ourselves on a regular basis to check that we’re still on the right path.

86%-95% of customers are fans (5 years of Giarte)

Winner of the Effectory’s Global #1 Workplace award

ISO 27001, ISO 27701, TISAX

Delivery centers

Belgrade, Serbia

4G Bulevar vojvode Bojovića, K-District, 114413

Iasi, Romania

22 Calea Chisinaului, Silk District Office Park, Building L3,  Floor 7, 700264