Building cool projects

We know how to help you create new digital products, to bring your ideas into reality, to turn a concept into real impact, from design to development and operations.

Are you ready to create your digital product?

Building your cool digital product

You are building a cool digital product and are in the middle of finding out what works and what doesn’t, you’re using Lean Startup or some Agile variation and need to focus on creating value (more) quickly.

What we offer

We co-create your product.

We bring the process, people, and technologies that make your product a success.

We explore the solution space together, map the customer journey, and work out your MVP.

We iterate and maximize customer value with our evolving solution.

We help with product management where needed.

Ingredients we use to achieve success

Agile development
Product discovery
Customer journey
Design thinking
Agile business
Sprint plannings
Product roadmaps
User stories
Software development

Why this matters

Both ambitions and uncertainties are high, and time to value is critical. Working with an experienced and flexible Agile partner is essential as there may be the need to pivot or change technologies along the way. When creating cool digital products, lots of skills must come together, and finding the right mix is importantfrom design to software development and cloud infrastructure. 

Why Levi9 is a match

We’re an Agile-only business and have been since the start.
We have an extremely flexible organization, with empowered teams.
We have the right culture for seamless collaboration.
We’re focused on business technology.

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