SaaS solutions: Powering business growth with cutting-edge technology

SaaS is a great model, and I believe we’ve only seen the beginning of what this will mean for the world of software. I expect we’ll see more integrations and connectivity between different SaaS solutions, and another surge in creative and innovative things we can do. 

Picture of Boudewijn Haas

Boudewijn Haas

Industry Director at Levi9

Leveraging cloud-based solutions for optimal business performance

With the massive shift to the cloud, the world of software vendors has also undergone a dramatic transformation. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model has emerged as the ideal approach for selling and delivering software to customers. It’s no surprise that most promising startups and scale-ups are adopting this model, while existing software vendors have also made the transition to SaaS. Building cool digital products relies on effective product management and robust technical expertise. APIs, simple sign-on options, user management, security measures, utilization of cloud platforms, and delivering excellent user experiences are essential ingredients. However, above all, mature Agile practices enable the shortest time to value.

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